My neck hurts really bad!!?

So like this morning I woke up and turned my head to reach for my cell phone to check the time and my neck hurt like the pain was excruciating, it's like someone is holding there hand and pressing against it and when I turn to the right it's like I'm pulling a muscle. I then realized my pillow was on the floor and I usually sleep with pillows that are high because I like my neck high but yeh. I went to school (I'm 13) and my friend gave me her scarf to keep it warm and it sort of helped but now I'm at home and wondering if I need a neck brace or if I need to see a doctor. What should I do??

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    9 years ago
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    You probably slept in a bad position for your neck, maybe thqt's why your pillow was on the floor. I sometimes sleep in crazy positions (without knowing of course, ai go to sleep in a normal pos) and sometimes it's s so bad or different for your neck that it will HURT when u wake up. It's like you are scared to move it, it's so freaky. But you need to stretch your neck to its relaxed normal positions. Try extreeeemely careful and slow and light stretches for your neck. Nothing hard! It ould severely damage your neck!

    If you have a clinic near you of course you can go and check, this is just an internet analysis. ;;))) It's probably not anything tooo serious, it will heal if you do some careful movement exercises slowly, like a few times a day during a 5-d period.

    Source(s): Expeience of bad sleeping habits and its consequenses...:DD
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