How risky and costly is getting a chin reduction?

Ive heard of people getting nose jobs having to get chin jobs so they can be proportionate or wtv..

Can I just get my chin reduced or will they ask me to get a nose job for proportion reasons as well?

My chin makes me look old and manly.. When I smile especially. :/

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  • 9 years ago
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    That should answer a lot of your questions about risks etc. As far as cost, the average cost for a chin reduction is about $5,000.

    Good luck, sweetie. :) I'm sure you look just fine with the chin you have, even unique and ethnic, but if you are truly unhappy with it then that is all that matters. I wish you the best of luck. :)

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I have no idea how historical you are, but you must simplest do this in the event you;re 17 or older. You ought to let your body enhance utterly before trying to exchange it. Anyway, for those who've blanketed that, youalso need cash! Do you relatively have the correct sum of money to get it carried out? Breast implants: I realy recommend that you simply avert this one. Seriosly, women with huge breasts desire for smaller ones and women withsamll ones want for ;large ones. Consider about it, do yoiu particularly hate the best way your breasts are THAT a lot? Nostril job: good, I in finding this very unreasonable. A nostril is simply one more piece of yoour face that you just breath by way of. However i suppose thisis a bit extra reasonable than implants... If it is going to particularly raise your self belief,than go fo it! Chin reducton: huh? I proposal women mostly attempt to get better chins or something. Aw good, you should think about this one a little more. To me this is a ,possibly despite the fact that you do get thses surjerys finished, are trying notto do somuch. Fixing yourself uo a bit of is nice, however don't forget, perfection isn't acheivable. Even via plastic surgery. Dont get an excessive amount of, or youll seem fake.

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