help with geometry question?

I need help on question #7 please! It would be nie if you gave an explanation with steps to solve the problem as well, thanks.

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    The answer is 6 cm.

    You know the radius is 10 cm. Connect the radius with the end of the chord, and then draw a line from the center of the chord, to the center of the circle. This will form a right triangle.

    The hypoteneuse is 10 cm. (radius), and length a/b will be 8 cm. (half the chord length). Simply use pythagoras to find the answer.

    Lol Julian, 100 - 64 is 36, not 32 :P

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    9 years ago

    We're actually learning this as well in class, The answer I got for this was 25.

    First I drew a circle with the said numbers. I drew a chord labeled it A, B. then I drew a bisector for it (line through middle) it can also be used for diameter. but since the radius was given to us we use that but must keep in mind that we are only using half the line. So we draw another line from the middle to touch point(s) A or B. you will now have a triangle. You can use Pythagorean theorem. The formula will be a2=c2-b2.

    A is the area you need to find, and the numbers we have currently are 10 and 16. Square 10 and 16.

    You will get 100 and 256.

    Subtract those using the formula and you will get 156. Find the square root of that and that will be the length of half what you need. 12.5cm so multiply it by 2 and you will end up with 25.

    Hope that helped.

    [EDIT: I Just read the question again, and I think I'm high. This question may or may not be correct. Reader Beware.]

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