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Can you drive to sanibel island?

i live in miami n goin to sanibel island... For a day... N i was wondering can u drive there.... N wat a good place to go to... N how much will the whole trip will cost

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    YUP! just drive to fort myers and theres a bridge off mcgregor

    it costs $6 UNLESS you have a SunPass transponder

    its about a 2-4 hours drive

    it costs nothing to go off

    you also have to pay for beach parking on some of the beaches, but not the causeway beach (one of the tiny islands you drive on in between bridges)

    some restaurants are kinds expensive, but i recommend the Blue Giraffe in periwinkle place (on the main road), pretty cheap, good service, delicious food, pretty inside and outside seating, an by a bunch of shops, it my fave on sanibel!

    Source(s): i live there
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    Yes, there is a toll bridge, $6.00, cost. This wonderful area hosts, a hi-end class of guests. The rates reflect this, enjoy!

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