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how to jump high in any sports especially basketball?

I want to improve my vertical leap im 5`6 15 yrs old . i do workouts for my legs and calves but the results are not that good . can anybody give me some tips that will give me a great result for my vertical leap? Thanks !

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    Plyometrics will do the trick for you.

    thats a lot of squatting, jumping, quick movements

    I used P90x Plyo to help me

    Source(s): Long Jumper who needed height
  • 9 years ago

    a small thing that helped me a lot was to walk and stand on my toes (the front of my feet) i developed this mannerism and it improved my verticle by quite a bit.

    Source(s): went from a 17" verticle to a current 31" verticle and i can now dunk really well.
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    do plyos. get a box or stool and jump onto it.

    Source(s): me (long jumper, triple jumper, high jumper, hurdler and sprinter)!
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