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Teaching deaf children sign language.?

When my nephew was tested for hearing, we were told he was deaf and a lady would come to our house and teach us and my nephew sign language. Now that i am in college i'm interested in that carrear and i want to know the name. Help?

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    You can go into deaf education or become a sign language interpreter. I believe that what this lady is doing would be considered deaf education or even just having a degree in American Sign Language. Deaf education is teaching the Deaf in like school settings. Interpreters interpret English to ASL for the Deaf. Having a degree in ASL would allow you to be an ASL teacher.

    Source(s): I'm hard of hearing and going to Gallaudet for Deaf education.
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    i grew to become into taught that ASL (American sign) is extra reflective of "deaf lifestyle" - utilising area & locators, as an occasion, to propose repeating words, tenses... while ESL (English sign) is a demonstration-by utilising-sign (virtually interlinear) translation of spoken language, and is considered slightly a placed down by utilising some human beings interior the deaf community. apparently, my ASL dictionary interprets into many distinctive (spoken) languages, on an identical time as my ESL does no longer. additionally, bear in strategies that particular places have distinctive idiomatic expressions - I see some "off-shade" signs and indicators utilized by utilising young ones in faculties in manhattan that the youngsters interior the Bronx could under no circumstances ever understand.

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    Sign Language Interrupters.

    You want to learn American Sign Language. Try going on Just type in American Sign Language or ASL. There are hundreds of pages of video of sign language.

    You can ask the lady who is going to be at your home where she went to school to be an interpreter for the deaf.

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