Please answer my question!!!!!! People please :))))))))))))))))?

Okay so does this make me a big person? So anyways there was this guy I talked to awhile back we stopped talking to eachother he said he wasn't interrested in me anymore so I backed off.. And mind my own business because I'm better looking lol so anyways a year later he starts adding all of my family members on fb he tried messaging my cuz.... Here's the thing my cuz likes his cuz.. I am friends with his cuz.. And I occasionally write to him on fb somewhat flirty.. Lol but nothing to make him jealous or anything I don't do that.. My cuz that likes that guys cuz.. Got really either jealous or upset so she started messaging the guy I liked.. The guy I liked messages her back because I guess he got jealous that I was talking to his cuz... You see how nonsense and retarded people can be these days!!

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  • MeJose
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    9 years ago
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    So what's your question btw?

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