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How do you train a five year old dog to go outside to the bathrooma and to let you know when he has to go?

I have a Yorkshire Terrier. He is about five years old and he loves to urinate inside the house. He goes to urinate when I take him outside, it is just keeping him from doing it inside. Also when I take him outside on his leash, he will not poop. He waits until after I take him outside and come back inside to poop. It seems like he is embarrassed to go poop in front of me. I take him outside on a leash because he will run (and he runs fast) if I don't. I don't have a gated yard, and I can't put in a doggie door. Please help. I love him sooo much and I don't want to put him outside because he is so small.

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    Toy breeds are notorious for being difficult to housebreak. Many are never fully housebroken.

    Start by putting him on a feeding schedule and crate train. Take him out at least every 2 hours to start. You can also use the tethering technique. Whenever he does go to the bathroom outside, whether he pees or poops, praise him!

    Here is a link to get you started:

    Don't expect this to be an overnight cure...this usually will take several months, so be patient!!

    Please never opt to put him outside because you can't housebreak him...he will not survive. Yorkies were not bred to be outside dogs. Rehome him instead of condemning him to a life of loneliness.

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    First off, it is a lot easier to housebreak a puppy, so don't be surprised if it takes a lot longer that normal. When he goes pee/poop inside hold his head right up to the poop and say "NO." firmly. This may sound mean, but he needs to see exactly what you are talking about. After it looks like he knows that what he did was NOT good, take him outside. Stand outside and wait for as long as it takes for him to poop/pee in the grass. Once he does it, reward him with a lot of love and "good boy/girl!". You should also say "good potty!" Repeat this for as long as it takes. (months). It took my puppy about 2 months to become fully housebroken. You can tell when your dog is about to pee/poop when he starts sniffing the ground and walking around. If he starts doing this INSIDE, you should pick the dog up and bring it outside as fast as possible. Remember, this takes a lot of patience, and it is not easy. I hope this helps.

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    That is why I not ever have used potty pads. I have raised all my puppies with a crate whilst I was once long gone. I have discovered that that is the high-quality option to train them to maintain it. You are going to have got to quit her from "sneaking off" If you do not do that she's going to not ever get the factor that's no longer alright to pee within. You right her however she was once proficient it was once alright to pee in residence. Now you have got to retrain her to make use of the external and in an effort to require you to pay awareness till she has discovered that external is the one location you permit. compliment her while she makes use of the toilet external.

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