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Opinions on our names?

I go Thursday to find out what I am having and would like to have narrowed down my name list to two for each gender. If you could please rate and give your opinion on each name that'd be great. Thanks.


Joseph Allen

Anthony Joseph

Conner Mitchel

Jonathan Cole

Jacob Adam

Austin Joseph

Aaron Seth

Seth Aaron


Amanda Jane

Amelia Rose

Julia Brier

Madeleine Violet

Emily Victoria/Veronica

Veronica Jane

Victoria Grace

Annelise Roxanne

Our last name is Thompson if that helps any.


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    Joseph Allen - 9/10 - Joseph is common, but it's a classic, so it works well. Allen is a nice middle name. Joe and Joey are cute nicknames, but Joseph could also work by itself.

    Anthony Joseph - 10/10 - It's handsome and strong sounding. Plus, it fits a baby, a child, a teen, an adult, and an old person -- it's suitable for every age. Perfect.

    Conner Mitchel - 9/10 - I like the spelling Mitchel to Mitchell; it's even on my favorite name list. Conner/Connor is no longer a popular name, so I'd definitely give this one a positive rating.

    Jonathan Cole - 10/10 - Jonathan is a nice, solid name that isn't too popular, yet everyone has heard of it. Cole is a curt, simple middle name to go with it, gracefully drawing the bridge between the first and last name.

    Jacob Adam - 8/10 - Jacob is #1, but whatever. It's a solid, handsome, dignified classic. Adam sounds very distinguished, respectable, intelligent, and grown-up. Love it!

    Austin Joseph - 9/10 - Austin is solid and masculine, while Joseph is soft and classic. An interesting juxtaposition, but it works well.

    Aaron Seth - 10/10 - Aaron is a versatile name that suits every age and every personality. Seth is on my favorite name list. It flows smoothly together, so I'd give this a 10 out of 10, no doubt.

    Seth Aaron - 7/10 - I L-O-V-E Seth, but this doesn't exactly flow right.


    Amanda Jane - 10/10 - Amanda is a beautiful name that's less common, so it automatically gets the thumbs up from me. Jane has gotten a bad rap as plain Jane, but it's not plain at all -- it's feminine and classic. And unlike its dated cousins Jean and Joan, Jane could be finding life as a modern middle name.

    Amelia Rose - 9/10 - I've seen this first-middle combo a lot on Yahoo Answers, and I must admit, it is quite beautiful. The only problem is that Amelia was #30 in 2011, and it's probably even higher right now. That means that your Amelia could be the second in her class -- uh oh! The solution? A pretty yet distinguishable nickname, such as Milly or Lia, or a variation, such as Emiliana or Amalia.

    Julia Brier - 9/10 - Julia is classy, and Brier is quirky and unique. It works together. :)

    Madeleine Violet - 10/10 - Beautiful. I love Madeleine far better than the more common Madeline and Madelyn, and Violet is classic and elegant. Maddy is a nice nickname.

    Emily Victoria/Veronica - 9/10 - Even though it's popular, Emily is a cute name that actually works on an adult as well as a child. Victoria and Veronica are gorgeous middle names, but to choose one, I'd go with Victoria. It has an air of class and elegance to it. Maybe to jazz things up a little, you could try Victoriana.

    Veronica Jane - 9/10 - I like Jane as a middle, as I mentioned for Amanda Jane. Veronica is uncommon, so she'll probably never meet another Veronica her age, which would make her stand out and feel unique.

    Victoria Grace - 10/10 - What a pretty name! As I said for Emily Victoria, the first name is absolutely gorgeous. Grace is a soft, feminine, and yes, graceful middle name to soften it out.

    Annelise Roxanne - 9/10 - Quirky and interesting. Both are indistinguishably uncommon, but they flow together in terms of origin, style, and flow.

    I hope this helped! :) ♥

    Source(s): Baby name blogger and obsessor. ♥♥♥
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    Joseph Allen 5/10 I would change the middle name's spelling to Alan, Allen seems too much like a *ln

    Anthony Joseph 8/10 I really like this name

    Conner Mitchel 7/10 I like this name but with spelling I would do Connor

    Jonathan Cole 6/10 I like this name its good but it's not amazing

    Jacob Adam 6/10 I like the name but it's kind of popular/similar to a lot of other people's

    Austin Joseph 8/10 I really like the name Austin

    Aaron Seth 5/10 I don't like the name Aaron, personally

    Seth Aaron 7/10 I love the name Seth, but not so much Aaron, again

    Amanda Jane 6/10 I love the middle name but Amanda's okay

    Amelia Rose 5/10 I would have a nickname for the name Amelia but again love the middle name

    Julia Brier 8/10 I love the name, the middle name sounds unique

    Madeleine Violet 9/10 Madeline is different from the popular Madison, I like it

    Emily Victoria/Veronica 10/10 I like Emily Victoria better!

    Veronica Jane 7/10 I like it but I wouldn't want my two daughters to have the same m.n

    Victoria Grace 10/10 I love the name all together!!!!!

    Annelise Roxanne 4/10 I don't really like the names Annelise or Roxanne

    *ln=last name

    mn= middle name

    Source(s): ~myself
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    For boys i like-

    Conner Mitchel

    Jacob Adam

    Seth Aaron

    And for girls-

    Julie Brielle

    Victoria Grace

    Annelise Roxanne

    Veronica Jane

    (I like the J middle names, because it just sounds good and flows with Thompson.)

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    8 years ago

    Boys: Aaron Seth and Joseph Allen]

    Girls: Amelia Rose and Victoria Grace

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  • 8 years ago

    I like Conner Mitchel and Seth Aaron for boys

    Madeleine Violet and Amanda Jane for girls!!!


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    8 years ago

    From your girls list Amelia Rose. Boys I like Anthony Joseph & Jonathon Cole.

  • 8 years ago


    Joseph Allen Thomson

    Jonathon cole Thomson


    Madeline violet Thomson

    Annelise Thomson I suggest a different middle name for annalise, Roxanne dosnt really fit it well.

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    for a boy, i personally like Anthony Joseph and Aaron Seth, and for a girl, i think Amelia Rose and Victoria Grace. i hope this was helpful!!! and congratulations on your new baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 8 years ago

    I like a mix of your names. I like

    Connor Adam


    Madeline Grace or

    Emily Grace

    Sorry to shake it up more. Lol

    but in saying that I'm sure whatever name you choose will be beautiful!

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    4 years ago

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