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Please help! I am trying 2 figure out if I have a yeast infection or an STD. And yes, I am a female?

Please help me! I am trying 2 figure out if I have a yeast infection or an STD! I had my wisdom teeth pulled a few weeks ago and I am on Penicillin 500 mg twice a day 4 that. I havent had sex since May 20th, which was 9 days ago so wouldn't it have shown up way before now? It burnt all day when I peed and the Irish Spring soap also burnt me a little while I was washing. There is no nasty discharge or foul odor, my throat isnt sore and I only pee 3-4 times a day. What could possibly be wrong with me? I cant get 2 the doctors until next Monday so what should I do in the mean time?

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    Well for #1 If I were you I would not EVER use any scented soaps to clean the vaginal area as that can effect your Ph levels which in return can cause a bacterial infection like BV.You could have like a urinary tact,kidney or a bladder infection.Drink plenty of water and cranberry juice in the meantime it may help to stay well hydrated.Alls you really can do is just wait till you see your doctor as that is where your most accurate diagnosis will come from.Hope this helps and hope you feel better =)

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    convinced, you may get a yeast an infection from to a lot sex. you may also get a yeast an infection from grimy adult males. Unfortuantely, with you no longer employing a comdom with some you've experienced the grimy section. A yeast an infection received't change right into a STD, you in simple terms favor to start up being better careful. also, sweetheart you're nevertheless youthful, you've the favor to make confident you've secure sex because what in case you're able to are turning out to be an STD from in simple terms wanting to have relaxing. then you quite could have some thing till the day you die. in simple terms be better careful, and robust luck with the an infection because they're no relaxing!

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