How much do bank tellers usually get paid?

Particularly TD Bank or NJ

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  • 9 years ago
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    well ive heard lots of crap...meaning big banks like wells fargo and bank of america get paid more then the little banks...

    i work for United Bank and get paid 11.50 ....its wat they started me at. it sux.... i think other banks pay least 1 to 2 dollars more... yet ive also heard a big bank such as bank of america also pays 11.50 ... td bank??...who knows...they sound like a small bank to me..sorry

    i live in wash. DC. east coast as well.... so yeah i get 11.50 ...even thow i had 5 years of retail experience...such bull ****... but i quickly found out all tellers hired by United got paid the same crap... a head teller got 1 extra dollar... it sux dude..sorry. i wud love a 13.00 but...ehhhh dout it.

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