Character Name Help Please?

what kind of people do you associate with these names. What connotations, thoughts and feelings come to mind?




Yes,, i understand that a person defines themselves, not their names, but i need this information. Also, these are in a futuristic, dystopian story and are meant to be a bit uncommon.

Thank you so much, your help is greatly appreciated

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    All the names are actually very historic and date back to pre-Roman times, around the time of the war in Illium (or, as it's commonly known today, Troy). I think using them in a futuristic setting would be a very interesting way to reflect on, though humanity has progressed, it remains a part of its roots.

    Evander was an Italian king who assisted Aeneas in his defeat of Turnus, which eventually led to the foundation of Rome.

    Alba is one of the two names by which the kingdom that Rhea Silva, mother of Romulus and Remus was from--Alba Longa, literally "the longest White" where alba translates to White.

    Willa is not only a feminization of the name Willow, but also derived from the word "villa" in Latin, which is pronounced "willa" as the v sound that we know did not exist until the French adapted the Latin language. It means home, and can typically either be associated with a down to earth busybody or a sort of airy, superceded character.

    Source(s): Years of studying ancient civilizations and the Latin language/legends.
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    I assume these are all females.

    Evander: a sword fighting hero in a kingdom type of setting; tomboy; sort of like Merida in the upcoming Pixar movie Brave but with brown messy hair and no accent

    Alba: smart but not cliche "nerd"; has a few friends; not that popular

    Willa: super sweet/nice girl; not super popular but has some good friends; naturally pretty without makeup; happy with her life; no one hates her even though she's not friends with everyone

    I definitely like Evander the best out of these three. Willa is my second favorite, and I don't really like the name Alba

    I hope this helps! [:

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    Evander:handsome, strong, serious

    Alba: worrisome, older, thoughtful

    Willa:tall, good looking, kind

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    Dude, futuristic dystopias are my thing. <3 I'm writing one now.

    I love Willa as a first name. Like Willa's Wild World or whatever that show is. I think of a girl with short red hair and freckles and a quirky smile and an upbeat attitude.

    Alba is cool. It could work as a first or a last. Personally, I'd use it more as a last name, but that's my style. It means either Scotland or dawn. And I'm pretty sure that it's part of some scientific name for an owl too. It reminds me of Albert and albatross and the sea and the color white, but it has a chromish feel to it. That's how my head works. As a person, I think of a guy rather than a girl - short and Caucasian.

    Oh, Strix is another sci name for an owl, FYI.

    Evander is cool and definitely futuristic. Reminds me of a dark color, Evan, forever, and evanescence. I think dark hair, height, and slenderness.

    Thumbs up on all 3! :D

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    8 years ago

    You want a name that has a lot of thoughts and feelings associated with it?


  • 8 years ago

    Elva , Tobias

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