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What's bringing a dog on a plane like?

In November of 2012, I'm heading to New Mexico to a really nice resort.(: Woop!

One thing.. I have to take my dog with me. This can be kinda stressful. I don't want to be kicked off a plane because of him. What if he pees? I have to clean it up. What if he's hungry? Don't I have to keep him in the carrier at ALL times? I'm kinda afraid. So, what are the procedures and are there any tricks or anything I can use to make it a lot easier?

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    Sorry about the other people who were being meanies. Ummm, I haven't brought my dog because its really difficult. I found this website: http://www.letsgopets.com/flytips.php . Its good. Please read it. Hope this helps! :)

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    i've got executed this till now, so be warned this is a discomfort. Be arranged to get your dogs prepped 6 months till now leaving, or he may well be caught in quarantine once you arrive. additionally if this is an prolonged holiday, regulation says that he will desire a FAA authorized service and a fan related to the cage. All airways are diverse with diverse rules and length limits. yet extremely you will would desire to take him to the vet, make confident he's up as much as now with all his pictures, and he will desire a passport (i recognize loopy that animals have passports too, yet they do!) he will additionally would desire to have a microchip implanted. in many circumstances for international flight, they desire Crystal Tag that's a 14 digit code chip no longer the same old 10 digit. On an substantial different and teenagers flight, if he's sufficiently small you could extremely convey him interior the cabin with you, I also have a splash mini pinscher, so I had a delicate case and in basic terms positioned him interior the foot hollow section, yet you won't be able to open it even in flight to play with him, so which you would be able to desire to console your chum by some ability without taking him out, sucks i recognize. additionally verify with the country you're going too, to be certain what they require for traveling with pets. i recognize if going to uk or US, you would be able to desire to accomplish a little artwork and do specific blood assessments to make confident they are no longer donning something.

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    well if your dog is female, it'll just act like any other b***h, it'll bark the whoole waay

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    It's l like...BARK BARK BARK BARK...Hey somebody shut that dog up...BARK BARK BARK...oohh gross your stupid dog just peed on my foot....BARK BARK BARK.......

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