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If anyone will kill Cain, therefore GOD will avenge Cain 7 times?

And later in Cains lineage.....Lamech kills someone...and says, therefore if Cain is avenged 7 times, surely I will be avenged 70 times 7 times. How does Jesus' teaching about this 70 times 7 fit together? (If your brother will ask you to forgive him, thou shalt forgive him 70 x 7 times if he ask?) As far as I know, these are the only 2 times 70 x 7 are mentioned in scripture, surely they go together? (In the mouth of 2 witnesses the thing shall be established)

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  • 8 years ago
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    Marvelous observation! This is the way to receive the HIDDEN MANNA, which others run all over and never know it was there.

    You are absolutely right. when a thing appears in Scripture, twice, it means they interpret each other. No scripture can be rightly interpreted, alone. All scripture must have an interpreting scripture. This is why most folks never know the truth. They do not study and they do not put these things together.

    as you see, most folks sneer at such things, yet this is the ONLY WAY TO GET THE TRUTH.

    It INTENSIFIES. See, first 7 times. then 70 times. and this avenging is why the whole world is filled with murder, violence, and such, today. As each one does this, the intensification increases.

    God even told Noah that the murder of an animal will be avenged.

    God is the giver of life, and he is the only one qualified to take that life. Yet man thinks they can just kill anytime it suits them.


    check this out: In Genesis one, we find this term: the evening and the morning...the evening and the morning...

    the only other place in Scripture where this term, evening and, is in Daniel. It says the vision of the EVENING AND THE MORNING is correct.

    See? The two witnesses. Yes. this vision is of the life, death, resurrection, and ministry, even till today, of Jesus Christ.

    Secrets of God. they will be revealed to those who love and fear God.

    Source(s): KJV truth
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  • 8 years ago

    Rather than meaning 490, 70 times seven is a way of saying infinite. You should always forgive your brother.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    It sounds like a load of bollocks to me. Maybe my math is wrong.

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