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Has anyone interviewed for this company?

I received a call for a account specialist/customer accounts specialist position today from Cupule Marketing, Inc. Has anyone interviewed for this position or for this company? I can't find anything saying whether or not they are a scam and the BBB has nothing on them. When I asked if the job was sales I was told it was not but I am slightly uneasy that I cannot find any substantial background on the company. I looked at their website but it doesn't tell me much about the position. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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    I don't think it's a scam, but I don't think it's a salaried position either. I'm guessing that the "job" is to perform in-store demonstrations of products for customers. (Think - you're at a grocery store and somebody has a table for sampling cheese & crackers).

    I'm also guessing that YOU will be responsible for finding the retail stores that will allow you to perform the demonstrations.

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    I would not waste my time going to any interview if I did not know exactly what position I was interviewing for and what the job responsibilities were. I would call and ask them if they could send a full job description to you. Most companies will not have a problem doing this. How could you prepare for an interview if you didn't know what the job entailed?

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    From the President's LinkedIn page:

    >>>Cupule Marketing is a direct marketing firm that provides increased awareness and exposure of our clients' products and services through onsite promotions. We are proud to be the voice of Home Depot's Home Services division.<<<

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    Don't waste you time with them!

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