Information about YG Entertainment's POST AUDITIONS?

Could you give me some information about their 2012 post auditions? Like, is it for a limited time and other stuff...


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  • 8 years ago
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    Hello, i would like to answer your questions so this is the following information about the YG Audition thing. So this is the YG Manager said.



    ... This is YG audition manager.

    Let me introduce how to apply for the YG singer audition thorugh post!



    1. the Application way


    For the application way, We only have the "post" audition for now.

    Some people ask me how to apply for th audition and what if they applied via online,

    but we don't accept onlice application for now. So please send your materials through offline mail.

    2. audition materials


    For the evaluation, We need


    -Your songs (pop song 1, Korean pop 1 / just cover / voice or video),

    -The application ( introducing paper / download at ),

    -Your photos (full body shot, torso, close-up of face, and profile shot),

    -Something else you want to show (such as dancing, beat-box, etc. / optional).


    + songs

    It doens't matter which form you'll take, but we prefer video to check faces and gestures altogether of you singing.

    You gotta take shooting while showing your upper half of the body at the bright place for us to see clearly.

    Also, using MR (instrumental music) is recommened. :)

    If you record everything, put them into CD or USB.


    + photos

    Please, don't use any graphic tools such as photoshop. T_T

    We wanna see your real, not re-touched face.

    And some people misunderstand 'TORSO' shot, so we sometimes get pictures of breast w/o head...;o;

    Torso means including your face. :)


    3. Apply


    If you prepared everything needed, please send them to the office by post,

    "398-21 Seongkwang building B1F, Hapjeong-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea" to


    4. after this step...


    This post application is the first-step of whole audition.

    Therefore, if you pass this step, you have to participate in the second-step of audition in Korea.


    Also you should be able to speak Korean, because all of our trainers are Korean.

    Thus, if you want to pass the audition, Korean ability is necessary.

    However there is no limitation of nationality, so don't be afraid to challenge for this !


    And however if you are located one of these places this is the schedule of their audition

    2012. 06. 16. (Sat) London, UK / Korean Cultural Centre

    2012. 06. 23. (Sat) Berlin, Germany / Koreanisches Kulturzentrum

    2012. 07. 07. (Sat) New York, US / Double Tree by Hilton Hotel Fort Lee

    2012. 07. 11. (Wed) Toronto, Canada / Dosan Hall Gallery

    2012. 07. 14. (Sat) Seattle, US / Korean American Broadcasting Hall

    2012. 07. 21. (Sat) Los Angeles, US / Korean Cultural Center

    2012. 08. 24 (FRI) Tokyo, Japan

    2012. 08. 26 (SUN) Osaka, Japan


    what do you mean limited time?

    if you are talking about the audition demo

    you can send them as long as you want

    remember Bom takes it and she pass 2-8 times

    So cheer up!

    Source(s): yahoo answers,yg facebook
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    4 years ago

    Hey :) No! That's a superb age! A lot of trainees endorse to audition on the a long time thirteen-18. a million) No, it's not relevant when you've got braces! two) Yeah, it's not relevant! Not plenty of singers are all tall! For an illustration: SNSD (Girls' Generation), Taeyeon, Sunny, they are each no longer the tallest folks x] three) Nope! If you spotted, plenty of singers put on agreement lenses and mostly glasses. four)Yeah, if you are into R&B/Hip-Hop/Rap, YG is superb for you. YG even though is quite tough to get in; they seem at your skillability like tough-center haha. But for those who train, I'm definite you'll do it! Just feel approximately each and every corporation and audition to the location that YOU feel is correct for you :) five)Yes. But ensure your snapshot isn't photoshopped (do not difference the lights, colo, and many others. They will NOT accep it), it additionally are not able to be like sticky label photographs. Just maintain that during brain :) Good success!

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