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I'm looking for a creative baby boy name, different but not too crazy?

I love names that start with M and J the middle name will be James

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    Ideas: (names marked with an asterisk are my favourites :) )

    Asa James *

    Avery James **

    Alexander James *

    Adam James

    Adley James

    Brady James *

    Caden James *

    Braden James

    Leo James *

    Jude James

    Lance James

    Reilly James *

    Reuben James

    Cameron James

    Campbell James

    Caleb James

    Caelen James

    Emanuel James

    Manuel James

    Cormac James

    Fergus James

    Lewis James *

    Darcy James *

    Henry James **

    Benjamin James

    Liam James *

    Levi James *

    Declan James **

    Dillon James

    Angus James

    Douglas James

    Felix James *

    Jasper James

    Roman James

    Valentine James

    Romeo James *

    Jacob James

    Eli James

    Elias James

    Emery James

    Emerson James

    Elliot James *

    Finlay James *

    Caspian James

    Lloyd James

    Lucas James *

    Jackson James

    Oliver James

    Oscar James *

    Noah James *

    Flynn James

    Hayden James *

    Hunter James *

    Gabriel James *

    Isaac James

    Mason James *

    Samuel James

    Nathaniel James *

  • Mason James is cute =]

    Matthew James

    Madden James

    Maddox James

    Mitchell James

    Miles James

    Jordan James

    Jacob James

    Jackson James

    Jalen James

    Jeremiah James


  • C.A.L
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    J names:

    Jaxton James

    Jude James

    Jarret James

    Jett James

    M names:

    Miles/Milo James

    Miguel James

    Miller James

    Maxton James


    Wylee James

    Aeson James

    Thayer James

    Kazden James

    Ory James

    Quade James

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    Milly James

    Jadey James

    Marcus James

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  • 8 years ago

    Milo James

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Jay, Jake, Jakk, Jonnah, Jerrod, Jarred, Jordan, Jorden, Jacke, Jasper, Jadon, Jamie, James, Jackon, Jamar, Jackeel, Nikkon, Nickolaus (N because N is awesome) Nathaniel, Nathaniel, Nod, Norret

    Madison, Max, Maximillion, Marcus, Malcom, Malcolm, Manfred (Little weird, that one.) Marion, Mark, Myron.


    Alexis <3

    (These are the best ones in my opinion)

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    Just a few, but I hope this helps!




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    My son got here 5 weeks early, and we hadn't determined on a attractiveness for him in any respect. We had no favorites and were nonetheless at a level of throwing out techniques to at least one yet another for interest, one by one. We had both loved the perfect call we would pronounced ok - we did not have any problems with it. so as that grow to be the call he were given - we were so shocked by his beginning that we couldn't even imagine of any extra names. Now i like it more effective than ever. i like James "Jamie" yet all of your names are sturdy. you could do what we did with our daughter - have a itemizing of three, and merely wait. once you spot his little face, you could nonetheless look to in good structure extra advantageous than the others.

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    Merrick, Malachi, Miles, Morgan

  • 8 years ago

    How about Miller James? I know a gorgeous little boy whose name is Miller J.

  • 8 years ago

    Hmm, maybe Mason James?

    Ha, there was a M in every word I said above ._.

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