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Is it possible to have post traumatic stress after a car crash?

I was in a car crash about a month ago. My car got hit from behind while waiting to entre the roundabout. At the time i was in shock, but recently i have been feeling more on edge, feeling down, and my concentration hasn't been the same. My relationship with my boyfriend is struggling due to my moods, but he understands. Am not sure why i am feeling like this. Anyone got advice?

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    Not in your case, no. You're not describing ptsd at all; it happens as a result of an imminently life-threatening situations or ongoing life-threatening trauma.

    It's more likely you have whiplash, a concussion (post-concussion syndrome), known also as shell shock, a soft brain injury that can have long-term cognitive impairment and cause depression. You don't have to hit your head against a surface to suffer from whiplash or concussion in a car accident, especially when you're hit from the rear. The force of impact and your neck snapping forward causes your brain to first crash against the front of your skull and then, as the car jolts to a stop, the brain smashes backward against the back of the skull.

    You may also be having headaches with irritability, depression, difficulty concentrating, and other emotional and behavioral changes.

    Find out more from the wiki link below.

    The symptoms of post-concussion syndrome can last months or up to a year or more, and occurs in 38-80% of all those with mild head injury.

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    I suppose you can get it. PTSD is usually associated with events more severe. Were you injured? Was anyone killed? PTSD is suffered by those after experiencing very traumatic events. However if this crash freaked you out that much its possible you have it, but it may be best if you ask a therapist.

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