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Mermaids Real Or Not Speculation?

Well I watched that whole Mermaids: The Body Found on Animal Planet last night and it was pretty creepy and it seemed pretty realistic but I keep reading about it being called a "mocumentary"

What in the world is a mockumentary and how is this film one?

I mean they did have some evidence, and the fact that their website was supposedly shut down by Homeland security. Im just a little confused about this. If you saw the boys on the beach video where it sowed the mermaid screaming, do you think that was real? How could it have been fake? Or like the fishermen mermaid in their net vid? What are your opinions and whats the whole mockumentary thing about?


And dont you think its pretty extreme to accuse the gov and Navy of lying and hiding something if it wasnt true? I mean someone who was supposedly from the navy ADMITTED to mermaids being real

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    There are no such things as merfolk, and there is no such thing as a mergene. Proof of their non-existence is obvious for anyone with the intelligence to employ critical thinking skills.

    A sentient species always leaves behind artifacts of its existence. Merfolk could not exist at depth and be even vaguely similiar in appearance to humans, so they would have to live in fairly shallow depths, so they are definitely not “hiding”. Artifacts would include architecture, articles of day to day life, such as tools, jewelry, and possibly written records, carved onto stone slabs. Merfolk items would be so different from anything a land-based lifeform could produce that it would be instantly identifiable.

    No such evidence has ever came to light – and in our time of submarines, underwater sonar imaging, remote camera robots, bathyspheres, privately funded treasure hunts, scuba divers, underwater nuclear tests, etc. it is impossible for a shallow-depth culture of “mermaids” to exist and not be found.

    The human body, with its specialized developments, has designed itself for land living in a gravitational environment. A merfolk would not need the body to be so bipedally designed and the buoyancy of the water itself offsetting the pull of gravity allows for a more symmetrical alignment of the organs from front to back instead of from side to side.

    You cannot “evolve” backwards. By the time Homo Sapiens had evolved from Homo Neanderthalis, there was a millions of years interval between us and the time our mammalian ancestors differentiated from amphibian life. No such “regressive mutation” is possible – therefore human/fish “merfolk” are impossible.

    Aquatic creatures, as stated above, evolved along far different lines than land-based animals. Even if a branch of fish could have developed human level intelligence (which is not possible – our brain development is a direct result of our environment and cannot be duplicated in the ocean) the closest possibility is the dolphin, which is the only sea creature that shows evidence of cognitive function anywhere near our level. There is absolutely no environmental reason for a cognitively developing sea creature to physically develop into a half human. It doesn’t work like that.

    As to “magic” – if “spells” actually worked to transform humans into their wishes, the world would be full of vampires, werewolves, unicorns, merfolk, elves, dwarves, etc. etc. ad nauseum, and all of these “emerging races” would be hunted by humans as oddities, captured for display, or studied for scientific purposes. If humans could transform into any creature, don’t you think they’d “become” the property of the U.S. government so fast it’d make your head swim? (a little like the Monsters vs. Aliens movie).

    There are no spells or potions to do this, and anyone telling you that mermaids exist is either lying, or delusional.

    No, humankind is the only sentient race on earth, and all these fantasy creatures are nothing more than wishful thinking. There are no mermaids, vampires, werewolves, faerie queens, lake monsters, or bigfoot/yetis.

    I am a Nurse – real education, real experience.

  • 9 years ago

    Conspiracy theorist, please think about the following:

    If the government was REALLY covering up a secret society of mermaids and was going around "shutting down websites" that supported this theory, why on earth do you think they would allow the Animal Planet MOCKumentary to air on national television? If the government can seize websites, capture and hide merpeople, and cover the entire thing up, why can't they stop a TV show from airing that had been advertised for at least two weeks?

    As for the "seized" websites, they are obviously bogus too. The PDF image of homeland security badges and the seizure disclosure is entitled "mermaids_web.jpg". Why on earth would an allegedly standard homeland security disclaimer mention mermaids? Why? Because some other individual made up the "seized" website and added a cute little disclaimer to stir up business/interest for the Mockumentary.

    Also, if all of the scientific proof that the scientists found was seized, how the heck can they now be showing in in the documentary? How? Because it is all FAKE and was created specifically for this mockumentary.

    Finally, there are disclaimers at the end of the Mockumentary stating that it is a work of science fiction, and is only intended for entertainment value.

    Seriously, people. This is why China is kicking our butts in education. Use some logic and don't be distracted by everything you read/hear.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    it does not take you to a government website, take a look at megaupload who got shutdown, it does not take you to a governement website, it just shows an image of the court ruling that it was siezed and shutdown, like they both show they were shutdown by the governement, but who's to say that someone didn't take a screenshot and put on the page of the mermaid site, and the nurse above is an idot, half of the stuff she said about biology is not even remotely true.

    Yeah being a nurse does not make you an evolutionary scientist, and there have been land going animals that returned back to the sea, just because you didn't know doesn't mean it's impossible.

    And it is a fact that we are still discovering ocean animals that were never found before, including 2 new types of whales over 40 feet in length in the last decade. I'm not saying merpeople don't exist, or do exist, but when claiming that we know everything about everything, and every single type of evolutionary possiblity, and saying anthropologically when your a nurse, that you know that if there were merpeople they would leave behind all this stuff, is far off the mark as well. The ocean is anywhere between 3000-18000 feet deep, so seeing everything on the entire ocean floor hasn't been done yet, it hasn't been done on land for that matter....The ocean has not been mapped even 1% think about that Mrs. I'm a nurse so I know everything about everything,

    I don't claim either way, but the film was done in CGI as a thought provoking experiment, I just don't go around claiming with a closed mind all these things as IMPOSSIBLE, when clearly we don't have all the answers.

  • 9 years ago

    I believe there is more happening than we know about with SOME things like UFO's etc, but not mermaids. Years ago people didn't/couldn't travel unless they were sailors or merchants and people thought the earth was flat. People were extremely superstitious as they simply hadn't explored, there was no TV or radio or internet, no way of knowing anything, so they believed in things like mermaids. If they did exist they would be constantly captured by fishermen, ferries, the navy, private boats...... nothing is a mystery anymore, maybe that's sad, its destroyed our imaginations. A mockumentary isnt a documentary, its a spoof. Anything can be faked now. But there ARE plenty of conspiracies out there that you might be interested in, I am.

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  • 9 years ago

    Well we know that the navy is hiding alot of ish from us but why? I believe the real answer between all the problems is that the navy is worried and scared that if the people/public find hard evidence or proof that mermaid are real and tell the world that mermaid are real it would probably be a disaster for the navy because people going thinking how in the world you caught a mermaid and the navy going to have to tell them sooner or later i killed thousands fishes and over 500 whales what that weapon to catch a mermaid and probably more fishes but the authority is going to check in and say you killed thousands fishes and it would be trouble for the navy

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Note that the NOAA did not declare mermaids to be unreal, just that we hadn't found evidence of them yet. Of course, if they are real we've probably driven them into hiding by the way we treat sea creatures. We also would not have found evidence of them, because they live a life in the ocean with different raw materials than we have, hence we wouldn't recognize their artifacts as such. And they likely bury their dead, if they have any concern for them, like we do. There is vestigial evidence in our own bodies, however, that we could have been related at one time.

  • 9 years ago

    The government hides a lot of things from the people. The videos they showed lookdd cgi. If the website was shutdown by homeland security it would take you to a govt. site not show some picture of homeland security logo. Do not believe everything you see on tv or throug h the media. It is a way of controlling the mass. Research Freud.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Yes i believe they are real but not in the snse that they are "human like" i belive they could be an undiscovered marine mammal of high inteligence i nean we know more about the solar system then our oceans and in the last decade we have discovered two new whales and a whale is pretty big so imagine trying to discover something that i the size of us and that would probably avoid us because they realized that when ever "man" discover something we kill or hunt it also ANCIENT PEOPLE WERE NOT STUPID if they say jesus christ walked on water than he must of ****** walked on water and if hundreds of cultures and countrys some of whom never had contact with one an other are writing about,drawing, and reporting the same thing including fameous explorers like henry hudson and christopher colombus then ide say some thing about this MUST BE TRUE i mean the story if mermaids had to be inspired or started by something i mean some guy thousands of years ago was suddenly "hey im gonna make up a story about a mythical creature thats half man half fish!" like no **** doesnt happen like that so some of u shud stop being ignorant and just look at whats there because nothing in this world is "impossible" according to physics

    Source(s): Common sense
  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    mermaids would not want to polute the waters in which they live. would you want to live in your waste? anyway when the night is just begun and the moon is very bright the mermaids come out of the water and lay on the rocks the moon dries their scales and for a short time they have legs and are in human form. of course the have to hitch a ride to mcdonalds use the restroom get a mccoffe and be back by 1 when their legs will disappear and their tails grow back so than they become possible fish fillet deloux

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I think that there is a possibility... just like there is a possibility of ghosts, aliens, etc. Its better to keep and open mind than to immediately deny everything as "wrong" or "impossible". I think, as a country, no- as a WORLD- we all just need to keep and open mind to everything. Not be like the incompetents who merely have tunnel-vision and deny everything as "wrong" and dismissing it just because its out of their power or they can't explain it. Thats the problem with people nowadays... commonly known as "idiots". :) Plus its more fun to believe in stuff like that anyway :D

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