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How Much Are People Willing to Pay for Homemade Gifts? (Business Idea)?

Hello! I have an idea to make some money this summer. I don't want to sweat in a Burger joint all summer, so I'd rather have my own creative business.

I have a great and creative talent for making charming homemade gifts and I was wondering if I could sell them to make a better profit than I would working fast food or some other minimum wage job. But how much are people willing to pay for such homemade gifts? I'm thinking my largest clientelle will be middle aged homemakers, gift buyers, and senior citizens/older folks. How much do you think they'd be willing to pay for a charming gift? Here's what I was thinking..

* (my specialty) Little and regular sized mason jars of.. ($5-10?)

- Homemade bath salts, scrubs, and other "spa" products

- Cookie/dessert/goodie mixes (cookies, hot chocolate, coffees, etc.)

- Doggie treats with the dog's name on the jar

- Candy Jars

- Glowing candle jars

* Little Pillows

* Vintage button bracelets, "fairy dust" bottle necklaces, charm tie bracelets

* Hair accessories (flowers, bows, animals, etc.)

* Miniature gardens in bowls (I garden tiny flowers for those) maybe with a few small plastic animals!

* Fresh cookies and other goodies

* Little sock animals (Like in the Socks Appeal book!)

* Little homemade coupon books, stationary, etc.

What is a price that wouldn't be too low/high/ unrealistic for the average person to pay (even if they are captivated?) After I buy all my supplies (construction paper, buttons, salt, flour, chocolate chips etc, etc.) would I really generate much profit?

Any ideas on how I could make this work (CAN it work?) or any feedback is much appreciated- thank yoU! =3

- lisa

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    My advice would be to set up your own website then check out your competition and price your items accordingly. Obviously setting up your own website costs money so you can always start off selling on Handmade websites like Etsy.

    There are lots of sites like this but my favourite is a site called ToSouk which is completely free they don't charge any listing fee's or sales fee's. This is great for bigger profits.

    I love this site because its so easy to use. You can sell any art, handmade, vintage products and collectables and it is a craft marketplace and social network. The site is really smart and you can sell your stuff securely through PayPal.

    Another reason I chose ToSouk.com was that you get your own 'shop' or as it's called on there 'Souk', which is like your own personal space on there where you have alot of control over how it looks, etc. I also liked that they mention in thier T&C's that they may (or may not) change some key words and phrases on your page to help the internal search engine and external search engines such as Google find your shop. They say that you can change your text back, but I thought that sounded quite proactive.

    I haven't been on there that long but already I have had a few sales on there. Check it out for yourself www.tosouk.com

    Source(s): www.tosouk.com
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    Uh, thanks for the ideas.

    Seriously though, keep that to yourself. Don't go posting stuff around online like that. If you're serious, then find yourself a business advisor or mentor.

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