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Best tips for taking care of elderly cat?

The cat I had when I was growing up lived to be 15. She had started showing signs of slowing down at the age of 14. We did not know as much then about cat nutrition (she lived on Meow Mix her entire life). The cats who joined my household when I was a young adult are now started to get older. The oldest one is 14.

Here is what I am doing to care for him and keep him as healthy as possible. We keep telling him we want him to live to at least 20. At the vet's office, he gets dental cleanings and "senior panel" blood work done at his annual exam (along with recommended vaccines). He gets better quality canned food for his meals - Natural Balance, Merrick, Nature's Variety are the foods in the pantry (to be honest, he also gets Iams Veterinary Low pH canned food due to a history of FLUTD - I alternate the better quality food with the dl-Methionine supplemented stuff, and the Iams is the best nutrition of the various vet-prescribed foods for that condition). Small snacks of dry food are put in treat dispensing balls sometimes.

The vet is pleased with the fact that his weight is holding steady - he's a bit overweight, but not enough to hinder grooming or other activity. Recently he has shown signs of discomfort due to joint pain, so after consulting with the vet we started using a glucosamine/chondroitin supplement which appears to be helping considerably. (The brand is Pet Naturals of Vermont - I wholeheartedly recommend their flavored "Hip + Joint for Cats". He loves the flavor, and he was obviously feeling better within a week.) He may not run as fast or jump as high as he did 13 years ago, but he is still running and jumping and wrestling with the girl cat, who is 10 years old.

So, aside from regular checkups and good nutrition - do any cat lovers who have more experience than I do with older cats have tips for keeping him happy and healthy for as long as possible?

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    It sounds like you are doing an awesome job caring for him. I have a senior cat too, that recently turned 15. He still loves to look out the window, so I put things in front of the window so he can climb up on them to access the window more easily. He likes his privacy sometimes, so I have given him several quiet places that he can go inside of to sleep. Also, I give him Feline Greenies Dental Treats to help keep his teeth clean, and he loves those. And since he doesn't groom himself the way that he once did, I use the Furminator on him, and he really likes that!

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    i don't know about your cats, but mine love plants. i suggest getting some catgrass and/or toys with catnip in them. they loooove eating catgrass, and it can give them some natural nutrients! you can find it at a regular pet store, like pet smart or petco, and probably a TON of other places! the catnip toys will give him some added fun in his life, as long as some excercise if you make him jump for it. the number one thing, however, is time and love. there's no way to positively make him live 20+ years, but if you take the time to cuddle with him, he'll not only be happy, but you'll have no regrets should he pass. good luck!

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