What was the UN's role in East Timor?

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    9 years ago
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    After the invasion, rape and murder perpetuated on the East Timorese by the Indonesians which included the outright murder of Australian journalists and finally the massacre of ET peoples in a cemetery as they protested against the military repression of the in-dogs the UN decided to act.

    Mainly using Aussie troops the UN occupied ET and sent the gutless murdering in-dogs packing, it is not such a brave act to fire weapons at people who fire back and the Indonesian military are well known historically as notorious cowards.

    The Aussies had a couple of minor fire - fights but sent the in-dogs packing in short order, now the country is free from oppression and the population are safe. The country is growing economically, democratically and in safety.

    I am not a great supporter of the UN but ET was one they got right.

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