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PLZ Help! I have like bumps on my skin?

Hey everyone I'm 15 (a girl) lol & I have bumps on my skin! & its starting to really bring me down! :( I have it on my arms and legs. But mostly on my thighs & back of legs, I hate it sooo much!!! I also heard it could be KP a skin rash or something ur born with. But does any1 have a remedy or is this because of puberty & will it later go away? Thanks! (PS. Sorry I wrote so much)

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    you probably have aids. j\k its almost impossible to tell without seeing it but if anyone asks for pictures, don't send them. its probably a perv. go to the doctor or put head and shoulders on it if its dry. ask your school nurse or something

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    8 years ago

    If you eat a lot of donuts and cookies and stuff the bumps could be a result.

    Source(s): I knew a kid like that.
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    Goose bumps.

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    could be zits, or a heat rash

    try google imaging rashes and comparing them to what you have

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