How is lyme disease diagnosed? Are those tests always reliable?

About to get tested. Also, if I have had the disease for about 2 1/2 years does this mean that my symptoms are now permanent?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Tests are not great for this disease. It has to be in a flare up to catch it. And if you've had it for that long its possible to have long lasting effects

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  • 3 years ago

    14 days replaced into certainly no longer adequate. you like a Lyme Literate general practitioner who will supply long term therapy for you. Your indications do sound like Lyme affliction. My mothers and fathers the two have the affliction and have had it for 3 years now, however the general practitioner believes they'd have had it for some years. He believes my mom would are transforming into it as a baby (she is fifty 5 now) and that my father have been given the affliction from her because of fact it somewhat is sexually transmitted. this is a conflict because of fact the therapy is controversal. The CDC regulations declare you're advantageous after 30 days of antibiotics. they do no longer think approximately how long you have had the affliction, how severe this is, etc. it is damaging because of fact lots of people will do the 30 day component and nevertheless sense indications, however the CDC dismisses their indications, claiming the Lyme is long gone and to stop complaining. Oh, and watch the action picture "below Our dermis" ... this is a documentary on Lyme affliction. this is quite interesting and tells you the reality approximately how corrupt therapy is. I want you the final of success nevertheless. Do your very ultimate to discover a Lyme Literate general practitioner and attempt to pay out of pocket. stable Lyme medical doctors do no longer take medical well-being insurance because of fact in the event that they do the insurance companies will bypass after them and attempt to get rid of their license by using courtroom. it somewhat is handed off till now to stable Lyme medical doctors regrettably. EDIT: in case you won't be able to discover the money for therapy out of pocket, attempt colloidal silver. heavily. Google colloidal silver for Lyme affliction. this is a organic antibiotic which you will create at living house for terribly low priced, or in case you such as you ought to purchase already made colloidal silver your self online or in some shops.

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