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Opinions about my favorite names?

So I'm pretty sure that I'm not changing the first at all and my husband and I are kind if set on the middle names as well but I would love to hear opinions and if you don't like them, why?


Madison Rose

Ashley Jade (A.J.)

Kayla Christine (K.C)

Marigold (Unknown middle name)


Ethan Andrew


Andrew James

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    I like Madison Rose it is very common though 5/10

    Ashley Jade is very cute and A.J is an adorable nickname 7/10

    I don't like Kayla and Christine together 4/10 (Why not try Kaycee Christine?)

    Marigold is a flower not a name sorry.. but if you like it maybe Marigold Elizabeth? 2/10

    Ethan Andrew is very cute 8/10

    Im not a fan of andrew as a first name but James would be cute as Hunter James maybe? 5/10

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    Although they're not really my style, I have to say that I do like your first 3 girl's names...they flow well and sound great together.

    Marigold, besides sounding old, it doesn't fit the sib-set and sounds quite out of place with Madison, Ashley and Kayla. Plus I'm kind of quirky this way but either all the same letter or 2 and 2; unless maybe if they were twins (but even then!) Right now you have 2 Ms, A and K. It may not be a problem for you but just a pet peeve of mine.

    A great name that would go with the sib-set is Olivia Marigold or Bailey Marigold.

    I'm not really a fan of the name Andrew...ironically, I love Drew! I mean it's not a bad name, I have a cousin with that name but he does by Drew and I guess the name just sounds foreign to me.

    I think Ethan James/James Ethan sounds really great.

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    I like all the middle names. also i like kayla kristine although i'm not so fond of k.c.

    kasey christine is pretty.....

    kayla marigold

    marigold ashley

    andrew james

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    The girl names are to original,Marigold is a flower darling and it just doesn't

    sound right.

    Ethan would be my last resort and Andrew is ok very timeless.Its the only name I like.out of your choices thisevening.

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