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Why aren't others considerate of their neighbors (noise pollution)?

Do people actually enjoy going deaf? Why would someone blast music in their apartment? Do they assume the walls are sound proof? I'm very sleep deprived and am willing to move, i don't believe in violence and the police refuse to do anything (not an emergency and they need more complaints. Problem is, the other tenants are also Spanish and i theorize they're unwilling to create conflict)

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    About thirty-five years ago, I read a little blurb in a magazine (I think it was "Psychology Today") which said that loud noise such as that which you are describing actually causes the brain to release endorphins, which cause a feeling a pleasure in the brain. The example used by the magazine article is that of people who go to rock concerts and sit as close to those enormous speakers as possible. The short answer is that they are addicted to the chemical reaction which that noise causes.

    I hate that noise, too. I have a reputation in my apartment complex for being the guy who hunts down noise polluters to report them to the apartment manager.

    Oh, yeah, by the way: The REAL Finch would have known all of that! ;)

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    Did you try talking to them about it? They would probably stop, if not then blast you own music when they go to sleep to give them a taste of their own medicine.

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    because they don't speak english.

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