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? asked in SportsAuto RacingNASCAR · 9 years ago

Nascar Crashes!?!!!!!!!!?

When Nascar drivers crash, do the times of the racers get affected at all in the final score/do they stop actually recording the race until they clear the crash? I always thought it was unfair for the people who are near the crash because they fall behind, but i never knew if they receive the time that got added back..

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  • Mark N
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    9 years ago
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    I think you are confusing NASCAR with some other forms of racing... This is the "Circle Track" scenario When a crash happens and NASCAR determines it in the best interest to throw the caution, the field is froze, exactly the running order they were on the track when the caution fell... Generally they throw the caution soon enough that the running order isn't effected very much, even for the guys that had to slow way down for the wreck, the worst they will lose is a spot or two...

    You have to remember, in NASCAR, when a caution is thrown, it is a full course caution, so in turn, they all line up behind the pace car, in the order they were when the caution fell... From there their positions only get affected by pitting or not pitting...

    Now about the lap times in general, NASCAR has always timed every lap of the race, therefore a caution plagued race will have a slower lap average than a caution free race, so yes they score the exact lap times for each and every lap, even the ones under caution flags and red flags...

    For a road course in NASCAR, you are correct, the people will lose time unless a full course caution is waved, because NASCAR follows the other leagues of racing on road courses, and only throws caution flags in the turn where the incident is located... Thus slowing down for wrecks will cost costly seconds on the track, and no they will not be regained, unless again, a full course caution is waved, providing a car didn't pass the person before the yellow came out...

  • ?
    Lv 6
    9 years ago

    They bring out a caution, in which they slow down the field to a pace in order to clean up any debris or mess on the track. I typically takes 1-2 laps for small wrecks, and up to 10 laps for larger ones. Anything larger than that would require a red flag, which stops the field entirely to clean up large wrecks/messes. Also, while under caution it is customary to have a pit stop.

  • 9 years ago

    actually whatn happens is a yellow flag slowing the race down to about 40 mph all cars stay behind the pace car thus no passing until the drivers take off to the pits to get tires and fuel and then once all that happens some drivers might get a pass around the pace car to have the cars that a first and second restrat the race once the pace car drops off

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