Why am I having so many problems with my graphics?

I have the following graphics card installed in my HP a6554f desktop:

ZOTAC ZT-40608-10L GeForce GT 430 Video Card - 2GB, DDR3, PCI-Express 2.0 (x16), 2x Dual-Link DVI, 1x Mini-HDMI, DirectX 11, Single-Slot

It states that I need at least a 300w power supply which is what I have, 300w. Now, I don't even know if my issues are being caused by the card or something else.

It first started yesterday. I was playing a game on pogo.com that I play everyday. Suddenly, my monitors flashed and my aero was no longer working.

I kept playing and there was another flash and my graphics came back to aero mode.

Today I was just composing an email and suddenly, my monitors went to sleep! My computer did not shut down and as I was typing, nothing should have gone to sleep! Besides, I have my performance settings to, "Never sleep"!

Nothing I did would re-awake my monitors so I had to do a forced shut-down. I restarted, selected start windows normally and all has been well for about an hour.

I guess I should add that I am running 2 HP w1907 monitors!

I checked all connections and nothing is loose. I checked for recent updates and there have been none in the last few days.

I check for updates to my system and components on a weekly basis. I keep my computer clean inside & out.

I did a system check and everything is working properly.

Any ideas? Is it possible that running just the minimum psu is not a smart idea? I have 3 internal hard drives and an external hard drive. Don't know if that makes any difference???

7GB of RAM

Q6600 processor.


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  • Dylan
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    9 years ago
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    Sounds like you're really pushing that PSU to it's limits. I'd recommend an upgrade, PSU's aren't expensive. I'd go with Antec, I have an old 400 watt Antec Smart Power and it's great, no power issues, it's old but still works. I also plan on getting a similar card only it's the 440 version which is ever so slightly better. Just barely, though.

  • .
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    9 years ago

    ur psu isn't strong enough u need 350-400 watts of a quality psu antec earth watts would serve u well

    i know the requires power supply is 300 watts for that card but its a generic psu and just doesn't have enough amps on the 12 volt rail to power the card etc u need at least 22 amps

    a too low of a power supply can cause

    bad 3D performance

    crashing games

    spontaneous reset or imminent shutdown of the PC

    freezing during gameplay

    PSU overload can cause it to break down

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