Do you think there will be a time where drug testing for THC with employment will stop?

They say Marijuana is legal but as far as the emplyoment side goes, its not legal. Its crazy how its easier to go to job with alcohol in your system than it is for marijuana to be in your system without getting fired or hired. Especially with jobs conducting random drug tests.

Just from you guys opinions or knowledge of Marijuana being legalized do you think jobs will be more lenient on drug testing for THC? I live in California if that helps the answer.

If you have anything negative to say about smoking marijuana or the harms of consuming then dont even bother making a comment.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Coming from one who doesn’t smoke marijuana; it’s all BS!!

    I learned long ago, if I wanted to determine trends of our government, you don’t look at it from what’s in the best interest of the individual, society or the country; all you got to do is follow the money.

    And on this issue you got the alcohol industry, pharmaceutical industry, drug testing industry, drug counseling industry, probation industry (both private and public), lawyer industry, prison industry, and limp d*ck politicians, most of whom would sell the country out for a dollar and vote.

    It seems painfully obvious that if you pulled on the marijuana thread of the drug testing tapestry, the whole drug testing house of cards would come tumbling down. Most don’t realize that other than marijuana, most drugs don’t remain in the system long enough to make urine drug testing feasible.

    Most drugs can no longer be detected by urine drug tests in less than 72 hrs.; a few up to 5 days; and with the exception of some prescription medications that can be detected up to 6 weeks for heavy, daily use; marijuana is it. (And almost all of those prescription medications, if only used recreationally say on weekends, etc., the detection time remains less than 5 days. It’s only ones taking the prescription daily that would detect weeks out, and generally speaking if they were taking it daily they likely have a legal prescription for it anyway.) So marijuana is really the only drug keeping these drug testing companies alive; they will fight to the death to prevent marijuana from becoming legal and socially acceptable. And with the other industries, already mentioned above, they make a powerful force.

    I hear often from some that employers like drug testing because they don’t want drug users working for them; yeah BS; I’d bet money most employers would kick drug testing to the curb if it wasn’t for the civil liabilities resulting from the widespread use of drug testing. (Employers can easily spot an employee on drugs at work, and can fire any employee not performing up to standards without wasting never ending increased costs of employee drug testing. The real reason most engage in drug testing is because everyone else is doing it and if they don’t, and something happens, an attorney is going to rip that company apart.)

    So I don’t think anytime soon companies will exclude marijuana drug testing (which would effectively end work drug testing); at least not until they band together and to end it collectively. And with so many industries making a buck off marijuana users I don’t think employers would have the power to stop it.

    You’re best hope for seeing marijuana become socially acceptable among employers and society is to try and convince the people that the billions of dollars wasted and countless lives destroyed over this marijuana war is pointless and stupid. Maybe if you get enough to realize how much of their tax dollars is wasted putting citizens in prison, or indoctrination camps over a benign plant is NOT the way to go. If the people realized that marijuana negatively affects less lives than doping the kids up on prescription drugs and force feeding alcohol advertising down their throats; then maybe you might have a chance.

    I for one am tired of seeing my hard earned tax money go to this marijuana enforcement BS; so perhaps in time you can convince the others as well; I sure hope so.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I like to think that MJ prohibition will fall apart in my lifetime. California and other medical MJ states have made great advances, but there's still a long way to go. I will say that working as an self-employed consultant or contractor makes it a whole lot easier to just say no to suspicionless drug testing.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Yeah drinking under the age of 21 is illegal too . Just because someone smokes weed on their own time doesn't mean they're gonna show up high all the time . Same w/alcohol . If they drink doesn't mean they'll show up drunk to work all the time . It's all kinda backwards .

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I've been wondering that too! I think that as long as you can show your medicinal marijuana card they should legally be able to hire you and if not it'll be considered discrimination no?

    (my question is also about medicinal marijuana)

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