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Did the Catholic church really accept Islam?

I saw that the Pope kissed the Koran and the Vatican meeting or something said they are basically the same so god will accept Muslims into heaven. My dear friend is Muslim, and he is a very good person, by has fallen I'll with brain cancer. Will he be accepted into heaven? Did the Catholic church truly accept Islam?

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  • 8 years ago
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    The Catholic Church teaches, "The plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator, in the first place amongst whom are the Muslims; these profess to hold the faith of Abraham, and together with us they adore the one, merciful God, mankind's judge on the last day."

    "It is my ardent hope that Muslim and Christian religious leaders and teachers will present our two great religious communities as communities in respectful dialogue, never more as communities in conflict."

    -- Pope John Paul II, Meeting with Muslim Leaders in Omayyad Great Mosque, Damascus, May 6, 2001.

    Christians and Muslims, following their respective religions, point to the truth of the sacred character and dignity of the person. This is the basis of our mutual respect and esteem, this is the basis for cooperation in the service of peace between nations and peoples, the dearest wish of all believers and all people of good will.

    As an illustration of the fraternal respect with which Christians and Muslims can work together, I would like to quote some words addressed by Pope Gregory VII in 1076 to a Muslim prince in North Africa who had acted with great benevolence towards the Christians under his jurisdiction. Pope Gregory spoke of the particular charity that Christians and Muslims owe to one another “because we believe in one God, albeit in a different manner, and because we praise him and worship him every day as the Creator and Ruler of the world.”

    -- Pope Benedict XVI, Meeting with the President of the Turkish Religious Affairs Directorate in Ankara, Turkey, November 28, 2006.

    Dialogue are already taking place all over the world. Just in the United States there is the

    - Midwest Dialogue of Catholics and Muslims

    - Mid-Atlantic Dialogue of Catholics and Muslims

    - West Coast Dialogue of Catholics and Muslims

    For more information, see the Catechism of the Catholic Church, section 841: and

    With love in Christ.

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  • 8 years ago

    There was a coexist commercial which had been doctored that shown the Pope kissing the Quran, but this really did not happen.

    Unlike the Evangelist the Catholics understand that people have different faiths in regards to God, and even those who are outside of the Church can still live their lives according to His Gospel even if they never new of Him or His Church. So it's even possible that a Non-Christian by their desire to be with God will enter into His Kingdom (Heaven). Now Fundamentalist will say that those who don't believe in the existence of God or what they believe in are going to Hell which of course conflicts with the teachings of His Church. And Protestants haven't really addressed this issue, so they wouldn't really know. On the other hand the Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church, Oriental Orthodox Church, and Church of the East believe that even Non-Christians that desire to be with God will enter into His Kingdom (Heaven).

    Now in regards to original sin well Catholics believe in a baptism by desire which is a supplement for the Sacrament of baptism by water.

    Source(s): Catholic Christian
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  • 8 years ago

    I am sorry to hear of your dear friend's illness.

    But, the truth is the truth and that is that the Lord is the key to salvation.


    And that name is Yahushua the holy Son of the living God YHWH!

    The Roman church has nothing to do with who will be accepted into God's glorious kingdom, that is the position of the Son who will sit in judgement on all the world, living and dead.

    Unfortunately because the Muslims do not believe in the saving grace of the living God through His beloved Son, we will have to pray that he is unblinded through YWHW's mercy and grace before he is taken from this life.

    Be Blessed:-D

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  • 8 years ago

    Only God will decide. In the end, we will all stand before him, that is when we will know. For now, just comfort your friend and do not stress yourself over this. :]

    Source(s): I am Muslim.
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  • 8 years ago

    Allah accepts God and God Accepts are angel or you know an Angel so pray for him to be healed and touch your head with faith your friend will live again.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Only one way 2 salvation is through Jesus and Him alone.

    Sola scriptura.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Seeing that the RCC kept the Bible, the only means of salvation, from the people for hundreds of years and persecuted and burnt to death those seeking the Bible it is pretty clear of what spirit it is.

    Not surprisingly the true church would keep itself hidden from such an antichristian spirit !

    The Bible shows you false. The early church was entirely Jewish and the RCC did not arise until Constantine.

    Always the lying deceits from the RCC to pretend authority.

    Since the true faith that God gives comes only from His word, the Bible and it is by that word that any are born again by the Spirit of God, it matters not what you say, or Martin Luther, or any man.

    So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

    Seeing ye have purified your souls in obeying the truth through the Spirit unto unfeigned love of the brethren, see that ye love one another with a pure heart fervently:

    Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever.

    We can well see why the RCC kept the Bible from the people and what its true nature is.

    Thank God that he has made His word freely and widely available so that we can be delivered from the abomination of the RCC.

    The following random quotes from the book Ten Series of Meditations on the Mystery of the Rosary, by John Ferraro, is intended to give an overview of Roman Catholic dogma concerning the Virgin Mary. Ferraro's book was given the Nihil Obstat and the Imprimatur, which is an official statement by the Roman Catholic Church that the book "is free of doctrinal or moral error." Therefore, we can take these quotes as official Roman Catholic doctrine: it will explain to you perhaps the reason titles are given to Mary in Roman Catholicism

    (a) She [Mary] is co-Redemptrix of the human race.

    (b) The church and the saints greet her thus: "You, O Mary, together with Jesus Christ, redeemed us."

    (c) God has ordained that no grace will be granted to us except through Mary. It is a doctrine preached by all the saints that no grace will come to us from heaven without passing through Mary's hands. No one will be saved nor obtain mercy except through You, O' heavenly lady. Remember this well, no one will enter heaven without passing through Mary as one would pass through a door. O' Mary, our salvation is in your hands.

    (d) During His passion, Mary suffered in her heart all the pains that Jesus suffered in His body. For this reason, God exalted her so greatly.

    (e) Mary is our co-Redemptrix because she gave us Jesus pledge of our salvation. Furthermore, she is co-Redemptrix of the human race, because with Christ she ransomed mankind from the power of Satan.

    (f) Jesus redeemed us with the blood of His body, Mary with the agonies of her heart.

    (g) We were condemned through the fault of one woman; we are saved through the merits of another woman. Just as Eve was the root of death for everyone, so Mary was the source of life for everyone.

    (h) Mary is our co-Redemptrix because she suffered in her heart whatever was lacking in the passion of Christ. Are we obligated to Jesus for His passions? -- so we are indebted to Mary for her participation in His passions. She gave birth to Jesus with joy; she gave birth to us, brothers of Jesus, in anguish and sorrow.

    (i) Mary, Queen of the Apostles: She is queen of apostles because she formed them and directed them in their preaching. Mary is Queen of Apostles because by herself she routed all the heresies. Mary is Queen of Apostles because she is mother of grace and channel of mercy. She is Queen of Apostles because in her every hope is life and virtue. She is Queen of Apostles because she is conqueror of the Infernal Dragon. (Emphasis added.)

    (j) If we spread devotion to Mary, we will gain heaven -- "Who explains me will have life everlasting."

    All of the above are blasphemous and counter the truth of salvation ,that all are saved by faith in Christ alone, one of the 5 sola’s of the Reformation that we as Protestants need to re affirm.

    This is absolute blasphemy. Nowhere in the Scriptures is Mary exalted this way. Not one time do we find the Apostles or early Christians praying to her. None of the Apostolic epistles to the churches even mention her. Everything the roman catholic church says about Mary is based on human thinking apart from divine revelation.

    I renounced all this false and heretical teaching about Mary as well as Roman Catholicism and her pope completely when I embraced the Reformed Protestant faith and became a Presbyterian. It is dangerous and upsetting when I hear any protestant becoming soft on the Roman catholic tradition of praying to Mary. It is repugnant and an blasphemy and an abomination in my own mind now as a Protestant.

    Source(s): Former Roman CAtholic who is now a reformed protestant bible believing christian. The pope says Christians worship the same God as Islam. Its not true. Islam does not follow the trinity, we do. The pope is so blasphemous. They are the mother of all evil that church.
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  • 8 years ago

    **** no.

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