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Corruption in Nigeria?

I'm writing a paper on corruption in Nigeria and what is being done (and what more could be done) to fight it. I understand that corruption has been happening there for a long long time now and that it was under Obasanjo's administration that the war against corruption began. What I want to know is that is Nigeria currently fighting corruption under Goodluck Johnathon's rule? Has he carried out the reforms that Obasanjo's administration introduced? If so, have there been any benefits to the economy in Nigeria since?

Your help is appreciated!

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    Political corruption is not a recent phenomenon that pervades the Nigerian state. Since the creation of modern public administration in the country, there have been cases of official misuse of resources for personal enrichment.[1] Nigeria is ranked 143 out of 182 countries in Transparency International's 2011 Corruption Perceptions Index.[2]

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