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The fact that this universe is so vast, means that we are insignificant to it?

Before we were born we didn't really "exist." After a few years of being on this Earth, we finally were able to grasp that we were in a Planet filled with other life forms. Then later we discover there are other planets that are so far away from us, that we cannot even reach them. Because the universe is so vast, doesn't that mean we are insignificant to it?

A variety of religions state that a god looks after us from the heavens. I find this quite hard to believe.

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    You might consider that the universe created all things, contains all things, sustains all things, and ultimately destroys all things. Being omnipotent in this way, the universe itself can be viewed as God and "the heavens" themselves look after us. If the universe contrived to create us, we are not totally insignificant, we are a part of its cycle of evolution. As we know from biological evolution, failures and successes are equally important to the ultimate success of life. If one views the universe itself as one vast interconnected organism, then life must have a role to play, even if it is a transient one. What is the universe evolving into or why? The ultimate answer is unknown and possibly unknowable, but since we are a part of it, perhaps we are one of the means by which the universe gains consciousness of itself. What purpose does consciousness serve? Physical transcendence might be one reason. "I think, therefore I am", as Descartes concluded.

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    Yes the universe is vast but most of that size is mostly nothing we on the other hand are something, something very special in my opinion. The other planets can not be reached right now but that does not mean that they will forever be out of reach. Think about it at one point the moon was out of reach then we found a way to get there(just a start) Nobody knows what the future will bring but we always seem to be moving forward. Things are only impossible until someone finds a way to make them possible.

    In time we may conquer the universe if we do that then we will be significant.

    As for a god looking out after us from the heavens. Well that is up to each one of us to decide for our selves if we believe it or not.

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    If you feel insignificant and have gone off the planet looking for a reason, as soon as you feel more self esteem, probably by graduating from HS, then you're going to lose interest in finding your true self. You can't find if God exist in religions, you can only do that through spiritual practices like yoga, but you have to have a passion for it and not just a passing thought. Perhaps more misery and suffering will do that, and that's guaranteed.

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    Well what IS significant in the universe?

    Who is there to give us significance?We only have ourselves to give ourselves any significance.If you want to survive in this planet you have to give yourself some value and self esteem.

    Thinking that you are insignificant only reflects your own feelings of your own insignificance.All judgment is self judgment.

    If you want to talk about significance then nothing in the universe is truly significant compared to the size of the universe.

    I believe that human beings have much more significance then they will ever admit or can accept.

    Human beings have been stripped of their pride or self esteem as a species by men in power so they can control them more easily.

    Human beings have ignored their potential for the most part and most people will never realize it and realize what they are capable of and realize that they have the right to be proud and that they are the sons of god with even greater power then god himself.

    Look at nature.The descendants of animal species have become better in many ways then they ever were when they were created.

    Humans are the same.We were created to become better then the entity that created us.Free from anger and free from the desire for vengeance and full of compassion.

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    1st of al, dont mind the religions, their based on fear ignorance and doomsday prophecies. 2ndly, assuming the universe has this human concept of measuring, who says the universe sees our size as insignificant? Who says the universe dont value the smallest more then the biggest? In the context of your question u dont know the answer to neither yours or mine, me neither. No-one does. Just assumptions and speculations. So is it better to assume the best and move on with your life, or assume the worse and live everyday feeling insignificant over something you cant control?

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    When I feeling down or low I use to think that all we do, do not have any specific matter to anybody and comparing with universe it's nothing.

    So I never 'eat' myself for what I did wrong..

    But yeah comparing with the vast universe our lives, achievements, little problems, relationships, uniqueness, evolution has no matter.

    That's my humble opinion.

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    You decide whether you're insignificant or not. Who knows, you might grow up and be the first to destroy a planet or create life or something like that.

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    You are just as insignificant as you feel. But God loves you anyway, whether you believe Him or not.

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    On the scale of the universe, we are one of billions of planets with life, however on earth we are important.

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    "The fact that this universe is so vast, means that we are insignificant to it?"

    a transcendent Lesson on Humbleness.

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