how can I get a scholarship to study in the United States after I graduate from high school?

I'm 17 and this is my last year in school, and I was wondering if I can move to USA after graduating

to study there. in a university/college...

I'm really interested in electronic engineering , I'm good at math and physics and I think I can pass the English exam..

my only problem is financial , so I'd like to know if is it possible to get some kind of a scholarship ?

thanks alot!

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  • 8 years ago
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    The answer to your question may vary depending upon the colleges or universities in the United States to which you are considering applying. If you have a list of colleges or universities in the USA where you would like to apply, you may be better off by contacting an Admissions Counselor at each college or university and asking your questions of each of them.

    Most college and university home web pages have links to the Admissions department from that main web page. Most of the Admissions Offices will provide an email contact, so you may send messages with your questions.

    I recommend you use the College Search database of the well-respected College Board to find US universities/colleges that fit your needs:


    Click on the pink circle to use the step-by-step interactive questionnaire/guide.

    I can give you some links to some reliable web sites with information that may help you.

    Here is what I have found for you. The links/web pages are listed in no special order. Please connect to them all and read everything completely. Some of the information in the web pages will refer you to other resources -- like talking to someone at a local United States embassy or consulate, for example.

    To enter the USA to study, you will need to apply for and obtain a US student visa, which has the requirement of providing proof (documentation) that the student has all the money needed to cover all of his/her living and school expenses while he/she is studying and living in the USA. This is the link to the US Dept. of State information on student visas:


    To obtain a US student visa, you will also need to be accepted by a US school, which will need to issue you a US Department of Justice Form I-20, verifying you are accepted as a student at the school. You can read more about the Form I-20 from this US Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement web site:


    U.S. News and World Report, 22 March 2012 (a well-respected U.S. magazine)

    An International Student's Guide to U.S. Scholarships


    The College Board

    International students and the SAT

    * - International Students - U.S. Colleges and Universities


    How to Apply to US Colleges as a Foreign Student


    American Cultural Center Resource Service


    Web page has lots of links for information on studying & being a college student in the USA

    International Student Guide to the USA


    This book may be of interest you also. It may be held by a public library where you live or you may have to find & buy a copy:

    Title: Succeeding as an international student in the United States and Canada

    Author: Charles Lipson

    Publisher: Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2008

    Librarians--Ask Us, We Answer!

    Best wishes

    Source(s): Former higher education administrator + Reference/information librarian in the USA Another source: - Financial Aid for International Students *
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  • 8 years ago

    That is a pretty big order. Why don't you try identifying some US universities where you would like to study. Then contact the admissions office and ask your questions.

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