Have you been changed or swayed by kennethcopelandblog.com?

A blog that is NOT written by Evangelist Kenneth Copeland and is basically just a hit piece against the Minister of the Gospel arrogantly believes it is destroying the man and his ministry by trying to dig up anything that could even appear as dirt on him.

Have you been swayed by self proclaimed heretic hunter rich vermillion's blog?

Have you over time come to see that his 4 year attempt to blacken the reputation of others through, in a wrong manner, using the Word of God without true compassion, mercy, love, and grace is not of the heart of God? Have you noticed that this "redeemtive project" has in recent months become more of a gang of so called "noble minded Christians" just ganging up on anyone who has a difference in opinion and are not just blowing smoke up eachother's skirts?

Or have you been swayed into thinking a legalistic view of God is the only view that is correct and whether or not you are a follower of Copeland or even one as mild mannered as Chareles Stanley, have you now come to feel now that only the condemnation and fault finding preachers who call themselves "noble" are the only ones who are right?......(That is untill they run out of congradulatory smoke to blow at eachother and then turn like wolves on the members of their own circle).

I am just currious what fruit this kennethcopelandblog.com thing has produced in the lives of others.

Thank you.


PastorsR seems to truly have a good answer and I feel it is the best so far.

I noticed I forgot to spell check my question. Yikes! Sorry everyone.

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  • 8 years ago
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    No, I have not seen that blog. I am spirit-led, and it is God the Holy Spirit who lets me know what I need to know. I am not swayed by the writings or doctrines of men.

    When God has His hand on someone, people will hear that person regardless of what others say or don't say. Jesus is a case in point.

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  • 4 years ago

    i think of of I particularly are turning out to be a extra physically powerful perfect individual and am much less swayed, yet what i've got have been given faith in has replaced a lot. i'm although open minded and would replace with the circulate particularly although on particular factors.

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  • Esther
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    8 years ago

    I know who Kenneth Copeland is, have listened to him for a minute or so, years ago, and that is all the attention I have ever paid him. Not interested in the blog.

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