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If a person suffer form leukemia what makes there white blood cells increase?

Consider that most persons suffering from leukemia have difficulty fighting infection. How is this possible given that the number of white blood cells in such an individual is markedly increased?

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    In addition to uncontrolled replication, the mutations prevent effective maturation of the cells. It is the mature cells that fight infection. Additionally, there are multiple types of white cell which work best against different types of infection. An excess of one type usually means a reduction of other types.

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    The white blood cells have a splash short existence cycle, residing from some days to 3 weeks. A drop of blood can incorporate everywhere from 7 000 to 20-5 000 white blood cells at a time. If an invading an infection fights lower back and persists, that extensive variety will heavily develop. A constantly extreme variety of white blood cells is a symptom of Leukemia, a optimal cancers of the blood. A Leukemia affected guy or woman would have as many as 50 000 white blood cells in one drop of blood.

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