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What are some awesome sci fi themes?

I trying to write good sci fi story like outer limits or twilight zone. So what are some popular themes found Sci Fi Stories.

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  • 8 years ago
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    The best sci-fi stories are the ones that break new ground and take hold of the reader's imagination because they go down a path that hasn't been well-worn by a dozen other writers.

    Stuff that has been done to death:

    Exploring the universe in a faster than light ship.

    Time travel / Alternate histories / Parallel worlds.

    Robots / Artificial intelligence.

    Cloning / Genetic engineering / Mutants.

    Lab experiments going horribly awry.

    Alien invasion / End of the World.

    Super powers.

    Telepathy / Telekenesis / Mind control


    I'm not saying it's impossible to come up with some interesting new take on an old theme.

    But you really need to be clever and witty about it.

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  • 8 years ago

    An Extraterestrial life form that get's stuck on a Eden like plant, but when it want's to leave it has to choose between figuring out it's meaning of life and going home alive. I don't know hahaha

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