Congratulations To The Boston Celtics On Winning Game 7?

But the look on their faces in particularly the celtic players looked like a face of concern

The fans were more happy and confident than the players were at the end

Do they know that there is a great chance they'll get clobbered by Miami?

I'm not a celtic hater whatsoever i'm just calling it how i see(lil wayne) they lost bradley so that means nobody to defend wade and they already struggle scoring. Ray Allen didn't hit a 3 til late in the game.

So the question is, did the Celtics want to play the Heat? As in are they scared of them you think? Honest question

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    9 years ago
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    Congrats to the Celtics AND to Philly. That was such a hard fought series and I give credit to the rookies in philly. They're a great team with a great coach with great potential in the future.

    I think this game may have been slow offensively for both teams bc it was game 7. The last game got them both a bit nervous. Philly proved to the boston vets that they have fought back and i'm sure boston was thinking that Philly may have a chance at beating them.

    I think Heat vs. cetlics will be a great match-off!! I'm very excited!!

  • 9 years ago

    They think just because Heat loss in the reg season they'll lose in the playoffs.

  • No wy. Celtics will win.

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