I want to do something special for my boyfriend, but I'm not sure what?

We've only been dating for about a month and we live far away so when we see each other we usually spend a few days at each others house. Last time/ the first time he came to mine, he showed up in a suit with a bottle of fake campaign (we're 19) and flowers. It was so sweet ans cute :) I wanna do something special for him to but I don't know what. Help? Thank you!

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  • 9 years ago
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    I love romantic stuff! Some thoughts:

    -Look up scenic places in his (or your) area, and the next time you go there (or he comes to you) tell him you're going to go somewhere without telling him where, and drive there. You could couple it with something else romantic or just bring a blanket and watch the stars or something.

    -Picnics! You can go all out and get a nice picnic blanket and some nice but portable food.

    -If there happens to be a band he likes (or that plays the kind of music he likes) at some point near where you two are gonna be that weekend, take him there

    -If there's something he really likes that you haven't expressed much interest in but think you'd enjoy (a particular show, game, activity, type of music, sporting event, etc.) you could propose you two doing that together

    -Teach yourself to make an exciting meal (especially if he's mentioned liking that particular kind of food) and make dinner for the two of you. You can do something classically romantic, like having a nice tablecloth and candles, and maybe drinking out of wine glasses

    -The classic (and extremely corny) coupon book for certain activities is exciting to me. And still on corny arts and crafts, a list of things you like about him and/or your relationship can be fun.

    -Going to some local tourist trap can be fun -- boardwalks, theme parks, mystery spots, historic sites, etc.

    -If there's a drive-in movie place nearby, those can be fun

    -You could get HIM flowers. Guys often never get flowers, and it's really exciting when it happens. And even though it's the same thing he did for you, the gender reversal will probably make it still surprising and exciting.

    Then there's of course the cruder options, which could be great, but I'm sure other posters will have that covered.

    Source(s): I'm a guy and I've been in a couple long-term relationships with lots of fun surprises.
  • 9 years ago

    What does he like?

    If he likes your perfume buy him a teddy bear and spray it with it :)

    Give him a picture of you in a frame :)

    Or make a album of your relationship so far and the funny things that have happened to help you each remember the special little things :D

    That's it hope I was some help :D

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