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Computer Engineering vs Environmental Engineering!!!?

I really wanna pursue my career as an engineer. But I am in dilemma over Computer Engineering or Environmental Engineering. I think that both fields have good career and are growing pretty fast.

But still I am in dilemma.

I am really good at Mathematics and Science (Physics at the most). So, pursing engineering wouldn't give me a hard time.

What are your opinions?

Every opinions are appreciated.

Thank You!!

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    There's probably a few more out there who can add to this comment, but I was in Computer Engineering (cpe) for about a year and a half and these are some of the big courses that I took:

    -programming in c++

    -intro to cpe (talked about basic hardware logic building blocks of processors and microcontrollers)

    -a course pretty much dedicated to assembly language

    -data structures (another programming course)

    and along with this you take your basic circuit analysis classes (in the beginning). From there it just gets more specialized depending on your specific interests (digital signal processing, vlsi, etc). I have since transferred into electrical engineering (the programming just killed me) as I found I prefer analyzing systems from a wider perspective so to speak (and there's more interesting topics in there for me at least, ie electromagnetics)..

    And trust me, no matter how good you are at math or science (I take it you're in high school), engineering is definitely a "hard time" but it's well worth it in my opinion haha.. I graduated with a 3.8 in HS (along with a lot of other people in my major) and the average gpa in my graduating class in university is right around a 3.1

    CPE and environmental are two completely different beasts. CPE is sooooo logic based and I feel environmental is more design based. However both solve very specific problems...

    Hope this helps

    EDIT: Here are links to the graduation requirements for each major my college, take a look and see if the classes in one interest you more than in the other:


    biological systems engineering (closest thing to environmental we have I believe):

    Source(s): currently working on my undergrad at virginia tech
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    I chose Computer Engineering because I 1) really love programming and 2) really love digital logic/circuits ... that is primarily what it is all about. It's still very difficult for me even though I love it. Idk about Environmental engineering, but it seems with CE every semester after the classes you take you have another few specific employable skills you can put on your resume(programming microcontrollers, design circuits in HDL, etc.) i think it may be more readily applicable to finding a job right out of school.

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    Go with environmental engineering. The environment will always be there and the problems are getting worse. Therefor there will be always be a demand for environmental engineering.

    There will always be computers However they change very fast. As a computer engineer, you will constantly have to keep updating your skills.

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