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Airsoft weapon types?

I wanna buy an airsoft gun but i keep hearing AEP,Gas powered and spring powered?

I want an explanation for all these stuff.And with gas powered i understand that i need gas and that i'll have to refill it allot right now i have a small one (half broken) the magazine keeps on falling out.But i want a new one so give me the explanation for AEP and spring powered.

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    aep stands for airsoft electric pistol. These and spring pistols and are all crap no matter what the brand, they have a bad fps, horrible range, and they break easily. Gas pistols are really good if you buy the right brands (kwa/ksc, tokyo mauri, WE, kjw.) They use the following:

    green gas-expensive gas that is only found online and in airsoft stores and is pre-lubed with *silicon oil

    propane-gas that gives better fps and power out of your gun and is found literally everywhere and is cheap as dirt just be sure to use silicon oil

    134a which is for upgraded guns, however I don't have any experience with it.

    Now, if you don't want to keep on re-filling after every mag then you can get a co2 gas pistol. These are also good if you get the right brand (stay away from crossman's guns, their co2 is the only thing I would, and do buy from them) you can get 50-400 shots on 1 co2 cartridge depending on what gun you get.

    *silicon oil is used to lubricate guns, only buy 100% silicon oil. DONT EVER USE WD40 OR MINERAL BASED LUBRICANTS, THEY WILL RUST YOUR GUN'S INTERNALS!

    Source(s): airsoft technician for for 4 years and player for 5 years
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