I have a 1996 F25 John Deere w/20 horse Kawasaki engine....NEED HELP!!!!?

I have a 1996 F25 John Deere w/20 horse Kawasaki engine....

My problem is... It will start, but the run time varies. One time it will run for 2 min then the next for 2 hours. It will shut off and then it has no spark. I will turn it over for 15min on/off then spark will finally come back.

A new switch and new coils were put it. Also, had the wiring check.

It runs like a gem when it wants to run, and the Cam shaft and cam gear are in good condition.

HELP! Any suggestions would be appreciated. We have tried 2 local dealers and they could not figure out what was wrong.

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    Sounds like a safety switch issue, the Kawasaki engines are not known for electrical problems, however they are known for dropping valve seats, replaced many heads over the years. I'm not familiar with the f25 but I assume this is a riding mower, in which case there's a few safety switches, and any of them will shut the engine off when not in its correct position or malfunctioning, and yes they do this by grounding the coils, now the problem is finding out which switch is the culprit, as intermittent failure can be a real pain to diagnose, and in my experience with JD they like to use normally open and normally closed switches in a series which makes it almost imposable to bypass one without disabling the whole system, in which case you've basically wired the ignition system straight to the key switch, and if your safety conscious that's not a real good idea. so with an ohm meter check each switch with a good wiggle and thump test to see if loses or creates continuity, depending on the switch NC or NO make sure all the connections are clean and good, and see if you can find the problem that way. other than that your taking it to the wrong shop, find someone that knows what there doing, it doesn't have to be a JD dealer, if you have a regular heavy equipment dealer as in tractor, most of these will also work on the turf equipment, and will have much better mechanics than the local Sears or where ever, I'm a heavy equipment mechanic and the small stuff like that is pretty easy for me.

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