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If my husband abuses the dogs should i leave him?

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Yes, for sure. If he is hurting innocent animals, what will he do to you when he gets mad? Also, you need to report him to the animal welfare org in your city. If people like that go unpunished, they will sooner or later do worse things to people. Anyway, don't you love your dog?

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awsome i left him after posted this question drped the dogs off my parents house till i can get place that allows pets
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  • Anonymous answered 3 years ago
    Fact - If he abuses dogs he will also abuse humans, and you are at risk from this brute - do you want to stay married to a man who's cruel and cold blooded - he could turn very dangerous towards you, and you are likely to be at risk of being physically and mentally abused also...you also need to ring your local dog rescue place as obviously your dogs will be better housed in a safe and loving environment - or if you leave, take those poor vulnerable animals with you - why would you leave them at his mercy??
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  • RuthAnn answered 3 years ago
    Depends on what U R calling abuse? U gave no details. Abusing animals is not a healthy sign. Persons who do this often escalate to abusing humans later on in life. Use common sense.
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  • lavinia answered 3 years ago
    yes. and you also need to call the police to darl, it sucks i know big time but it will help the dogs out massively and you to also. if you do end up leaving him be sure to take the dogs with you, they dont deserve that kind of treatment no animal or human does.


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  • ? answered 3 years ago

    If he hurts them, he's not going to hold back on a human.
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  • if my husband abuses the dogs should i leave him?
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