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超急!! 求跪 英文高手人工親自翻譯一段文字

有請 英文高手 幫忙親自人工翻譯這段文字

千萬不要用網路上的線上翻譯 文法全都不對(看的出來)

我需要得是 翻譯過後 老外能清楚知道內容敘述

感謝 英文高手 在這邊再三感謝!!!!


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  • 8 years ago
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    According to the investigation, there's about 30%~50% that children don't like to eat rice, it's because of children are afraid of new food and the atmosphere when having the meal. So there's a new kind of spoon is invented for the children which can radiate light when the parents are feeding children to increase the good atmosphere of the meal, it saves energy and increases the parent-child interaction.

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