I can't tell I he's gay or not at all!?

So there this really hot guy thatvim friends with and I really wanna do him. So I've planning and scheming, to do it without coming off gay if he rejects me. And so I knows he's into drugs do i got these pills that make Lu hallucinate, but they're actually just vitamin capsules, that do nothing. So last weekend we 'took them' and i pretended to hallucinate. So did he. So tonight we took them again, and for awhile I just screwed around pretending. And so did he. Then I pretended to think he was some chick named Ashely. And I pretended to try and do her. And I grabbed his junk. Then he seemed to be playfully resisting. Then he's like seriously get off. Then i tried again just to see, and I didn't get near him. And all night hes been like we should ****, and I love you. So wtff???

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  • Jonah
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    8 years ago
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    Dobt label it. YOLO. Go uave a fun time. It may be an experience he isnt going to be willing to do ever again so get him while u can! "Z Snap"

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  • 8 years ago

    Maybe he got curious from last time and wants to try things out, but maybe you should wait till he "Gets Solver" off those "Pills" so you could know if hes really gay/curious or not

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