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One Direction is going to be at Beacon Theatre, NYC tomorrow. I don't have tickets but...?

do you think if i go i can still catch a glimpse of them going into the theater?

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    Since there's a One Direction Meet and Greet, there probably won't be many opportunities to see them at the Beacon Theater, other than during the performance... And did you notice the One Direction tickets for the Beacon have dropped in price as we get closer to the concerts, as you can can see at

    Have fun ... !

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    If you show up extremely early, before the boys get there it is possible to see a glimpse of them walking into the theater. While showing up at the theater walk around because they can also walk into the back entrance which is the main entrance and exit backstage.

  • CJ
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    8 years ago

    You can always go really early and maybe see them walking in.

    But you CAN get tickets! Go to (it's a legit website! I bought 1D tickets from there about a month ago, and I went to their concert today!)

    Good luck! Definently get tickets from stubhub, even if you're in upper level, (like I was) they still sound amazing live, and I really enjoyed it! They read twitter questions, interact with the audience, and at my concert today, they did an encore!

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