What internet speeds do I need for gaming?

Since 3 months ago I received a new modern from centurylink giving me crappy internet. (lags bad on games, occasionally takes too long to load webpages, internet disconnects). I have century link with 7.04 mbps download speeds and .81 mbps upload speed. However my download speed seems only to go 500-900 kbps and ping 38ms. My internet lags and internet turns off. Im tired of it and want to switch to cox. I pay around $50 a month for internet but willing to pay more. I play mostly alot of online games including Battle field 3, Daiblo 3, and Guild Wars 2. I want sufficient internet to play these games well without any internet lag. (it is my internet I have window 7, quad core, gtx 540, 4gb ram). If you have any suggestions please list your ISP, download speeds, internet speeds, and recommendations. Thank you :)

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    8 years ago
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    The only thing i could recommend is using a cat5e (cat6 would be best) ethernet cable (monoprice sells them for extremely cheap prices). I have 10mbps down and 1 mbps up and I have no lag with MW2 and other games on my PS3 and xbox, and we have over 6 devices connected to our Linksys E3200 Router. Also, try port forwarding (I can't explain it on here because it would take too long to explain).

  • 8 years ago

    Best thing to do is to manually connect your computer to the modem with an ethernet cable. That will help the speed a bit

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