Reasons why a guy wouldnt call?

There is this guy who seems extremely sweet yet quiet and slightly awkward in an adorable way. He was in my AP Calculus class all year but i only noticed him near the end (a funny story within itself) Afterwards i began to notice him and became interested and did little things like flirtaciously look at him or smile or little talk b/c i always seemed to have some friend or another pulling me away

I didn't think he noticed or was interested till one day in the hall he says hey and tells me "i like your smile the best" he was referring to when i did an interview thing for a club about things guys like best about girls and he had answered her smile. I was taken aback and suprised and following it he awkwardly asked for my number in an awkward but adorable way...

he never called...

after what i thought was his last day at school i thought to add him on facebook and he accepted immediately and later sent a message saying he thinks he got my # wrong so i gave him the right one and we talked a little more (he even apologized for asking for my # in such an abrupt way)

I happened to see him the next day on his last day of highschool( he graduated) and we walked together to the parking lot joking and talking till we hugged and he told me hed text me...

he never did and its been maybe 5 days

Should i be worried that he hasnt even texted me yet... is there a reason a guy would ask for a girls number but not text/call her?

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  • 9 years ago
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    He probably waiting for you. He could be used to girls texting him.

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