Will I still like Chris Evans in 2 years?

So according to my research, guys over the age of 18 will wanna be with someone they can legally have sex with (or being able to sleep without having to keep secrets). I really like Chris Evans and I'd like to meet him some day and be close friends for some years and once I'm older then maybe date but right now I know that can't happen now cause he'd obviously would wanna sleep with his girlfriend so err, anyways I don't plan to sleep with anyone until I'm married which may seem lame but that's just what I think for the moment. Anyways, I like him and I really hope to be with him but I'd have to wait 2 years, in this case, but if he was fine with dating without sex and wouldn't mind dating someone 14 years away from him then yeah, we would be able to date. Will I like him in 2 years?


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  • 8 years ago
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    Honey, with all due respect and in no means am I intending a rude or mean answer, and I don't want to burst your bubble, because I totally know how it feels to have your bubble burst, and *again* I am saying it for your own good, but its really very unlikely that you'll ever meet Chris Evans personally and that he'd want to have a sexual relationship with somebody 14 years younger than him, unless... Well. But you never know!

    Either way, he is a 30 year old man, and he will probably want to settle down with a wife of most probably within a 5/4 year radius of his age in the next 2-5 years, like all the other normal men in the world.

    Things to consider

    1) One of my ex-classmates had a child when she was 15 years old. Her kid has a 15 year difference with her. Hmmm.....

    2) He is a famous actor. Are you famous/know people who know him? How will you get to know him?

    3) Chris is in high demand with the ladies looking how he does. Will you stand out from thw crowd? :) they're all gorgeous.

    4) Do You Just Like Him For His Body? Because you can't really know him apart from media... And media tends to lie. And.if you really did know him, you wouldn't be posting in Yahoo Answers. You'd be chilling with Selena Gomez and co.

    5) You'd have a better chance with a local boy of your age.

    And as for if you'll like him in two years.... How is anyone apart from yourself supposed to know? :) if I could read minds, I would be in New York earning millions right now, not sitting around being an insomnia struck scholar on minus number pay.


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    4 years ago

    i'm over the age of 40 I used to tolerate TW.... no longer my well-known, yet extra beneficial than the alternative (i actual have self belief that 'Magic' in common terms has approximately 15 tracks, which they play on a relentless loop.... 'coronary heart' performs 15 minutes of music for each half-hour of labeled advertisements) So Chris Evans is magnificent, and a super asset to radio 2. probably a number of the diehard togs will swap over for some weeks - i anticipate the radio 2 webforums would be overloaded with lawsuits from people who dont like substitute. yet they are going to be back, radio 2 will grab an entire new load of listeners, terry has long gone and with any luck wont be back, people will discover new issues to ***** approximately.

  • 8 years ago

    You're 16?

    Okay, well, if we pretend that what you say if perfectly normal and not at all creepy or strange, no. you won't still like him in two years. Most crushes last for about 4 months or less.

  • 8 years ago

    i think in 2 years he will still like you...

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