Are the ideas of free will and an omniscient God mutually exclusive?

If so, how? If not, why not? And if they are not mutually exclusive, do they have any uncomfortable implications?



This works on some level because it implies that choice is made independently of God's body of knowledge. But what about when we start going back a bit? What about when God creates the universe exactly the way he does, fully knowing and understanding the choices that his creation will make as a property of his omniscience? Could he then hold them accountable for their actions when he created them in such a way that they would act in the way that they did?

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    8 years ago
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    Not even slightly.


  • 8 years ago

    God knows everything even He knows that who will enter the Paradise and who will be thrown into the hell.

    But the question is if He knows it already then why He put us in this test of right and wrong path. The answer is simple. If God had already thrown the bad people into the hell and sent good people to the paradise then it would be fine for the people who would have entered the paradise but the people in hell would say that why you threw us in the hell? What is our fault? So he will first take our test then our result will came after the Day of Judgment where our body parts will speak. For example our hands will say that he used us for stealing things and killing innocent etc, our eyes will complain that he used them to see prohibited things like dirty movies, and similarly other parts will also complain about us. At that time we won't be able to lie and we will ask God to give us one more chance. But the God will say that the time is over now you bow what you reap.

    You may know that Devil asked the God that he will make us human stray from the right path and take other people along with him to the hell. So the God agreed that those people who will stray from the right path and won't come back will be thrown to the hell along with him. God has given free will to all the humans.If He had not given us our free will then there would have been no use of making human being and the two paths i.e right and wrong. Due to our free will we can choose between right and wrong on our own. And giving us our free will is God's will. But if we are confused then we should ask and pray to God, to show us the right path and struggle for it. For example: How can you say that your religion is the right one? May be you are wrong or may be you are right but you don't know for sure. To find the truth behind the religions, first study your and other religions and at the same time, pray to God to help you find the truth. Then you will be able to decide, which religion is the right one whether Islam,Christianity, Hinduism, or Judaism etc. with the God's help and will. Don't you think that instead of listening to others, to study on your own is the best way to find the truth? You know that when you will ask Him for help and will sincerely struggle to find the truth then the God will surely help you because "God help those, who helps themselves"

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    8 years ago

    I AM ANSWER: not really. btw, this is not a defense of free will or omniscience.

    omniscient god would have to exist outside the manifest world of finite, relative being and relative reality, whereas human free will would exist within it. mutual exclusivity could only apply to affairs within relative reality, i.e. within the "system."

    even the notion of the future, as in "god knows the future," would be irrelevant to considerations of time, for time only exists in relative reality, and moreover our notion of past present and future applies mainly just to the physical plane of relative reality. therefore, even on that ground alone mutal exlcuisivity would not necessarily be an issue.

  • 8 years ago

    I believe in free will, just not an omniscient God. Why? The idea of a superior being that rules the universe that is all-knowing is absolutely ludicrous in my opinion. I think this mainly because I believe in Darwin's theory of evolution. Homo sapiens is our specific specie name. However, there was once humanoid creatures alike us that lived before us. We did not evolve directly into what we are today. The Leakys were a husband and wife team of archaeologists. They discovered humanoid figures and remains in Tanzania. It is believed that the first Homo sapiens began in Tanzania. The earth had exist for 4.6 billion years. Why would a 'God' who is believed to have created humans in "his own image" delay for this LONG to bring humans to the earth? Also, why would 'God' introduce himself to the Jews after so many years of human civilization. The first religion was animism. People believed that there was a 'spirit' in everything. This is the primitive religion.

    Also, people say that humans are superior to other animals. Of course, it probably did not occur to them that before humans evolved from the Chimpanzee, that other creatures would have been superior.

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  • 8 years ago

    Here's how I see it. We have a limited free will, as we are limited beings. I cannot make the planet Mars rotate backwards or change the law of gravity.

    God also has a free will of his own. God will not force us to accept his will against our own. We are not robots or automatons. He is a gentleman and grants us the freedom to make decisions for ourselves, even if it is against his desire for us. We also 'cannot' force God (or anyone else) to accept our will. We are not powerful enough to do so.

    So we have this universe of people doing their will, and God acting according to his own will. If God wants to accomplish something, he has the power to organize the universe howsoever he pleases to accomplish it, regardless of how we feel about it. We can choose one of the following options (1) embrace his decision (2) accept his decision (3) reject his decision (4) resist his decision.

    In my home, I can allow my children to freely choose for themselves. But I also freely choose for myself what I intend to do. While I cannot reach in and change the heart of a defiant child, I can choose to affect the environment they live it (take away games, stop allowance, etc). I can use my power to achieve my ends, while still allowing the child to freely choose for themself.

    Hopefully you are catching the concept here.

  • 8 years ago

    That which is a so often ignored is that God intervenes in human affairs.

    That easily resolves any difficulty that is so often postulated.

  • 8 years ago

    The Bible does not teach free will, the Bible teaches Calvinism and predestination.

    Many false Christians, people who erroneously think they're saved, believe that the Bible teaches free will, but it doesn't.

    There are stories in the Bible where God hated people BEFORE THEY WERE EVEN BORN. He hated them before they could have ever possibly done anything to fall into his disfavour.

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    8 years ago

    Omnipotence completely invalidates free-will.

  • not really.But free will + god's will are

    we have free will and god does not want to interfere with that free will yet he has a will for us

    uhhhhhh no that does not work like that

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    8 years ago

    My brain...

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