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Ichigo asked in SportsOther - Sports · 9 years ago

Full twisting layout help !!?

I am able toget 3 quarters of a full twist (360) but I can't seem to get that last quarter. I land to the side when im supposed to land forward! Why is this ? How can I get that last quarter ?

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  • 9 years ago
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    When I was learning a full I had the same issue. My issue was that my coaches always told me to look the way I'm twisting and then when I would see the floor (at 3/4 of the way around) I would open up and end up at 3/4. When I stopped looking the way I was twisting I landed my fulls perfectly every time.

    Since I've never seen your full I can't say what your issue is. The most common issues for landing at 3/4 instead of a full are:

    1. Not enough set. Are you setting up like you do on your layout? Or are you twisting right off the floor? You shouldn't start the twist until after you start to pull your toes over for a layout.

    2. A late or slow pull. As soon as you start to pull your toes you need to pull your arms to the shoulder of the direction you want to twist. Some people wait until they are almost at the end of the flip to start their twist which doesn't give them enough time to land. A lot of people tend to pull their arms slowly, but you are better off pulling hard to make sure you get the twist around.

    Source(s): former level 10 gymnast and I coach
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